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Signe and her experience as a Mechatronic student at SDU Sønderborg

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My name is Signe Smala and I am 26 years old. I study 2nd semester Mechatronics at SDU in Sønderborg.

I learned about this study program from a study fair in Reykjavik, Iceland. There I was told about the practical projects and group work that is emphasized is SDU. Since that was just the thing I had been looking for I chose to join this program.

The best part of the study programme and the study environment in Sønderborg

I think one of the biggest strengths of this program is the practical work we get to do – chance to apply the freshly acquired theory into putting together an actual mechatronics product. In my experience it lets you form strong understanding of concepts which on paper seem complex and confusing. In addition to that having a portfolio with a number of different projects reassures me that I have practical skills and experience to offer to my potential employer.

The study environment in Sønderborg offers you a certain degree of freedom. The 24/7 access labs and teachers who encourage students to seek them out, if help is needed, lets you dive into different ideas and continue exploring interesting subjects even after the class has ended.

I think the international environment on the campus lets you improve upon your communication skills, open mindedness and social, professional networking. Living in an increasingly globalizing world, getting to know different cultures especially in the setting of your professional field is definitely a benefit.

Sønderborg and connections to the companies in the area

I think engineering in Sønderborg is a good choice for people who value group work skills and hands on approach. 
There is also a number of engineering companies in this area, which is nice, as we get to meet them at job fairs each semester and try our luck with applying for a study related jobs. Because of this many TEK students get to advance their practical skills by working in their field even before graduation.