• Dato 17. september 2019
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  • Sted SDU Odense O100
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Cyber Security Conference

Hvornår: 17. september 2019 kl. 15:30
Duration:  1 day
Hvor: SDU Odense O100
Understand the Cyber Threat and Keep Your Company Safe

Cyber security is no longer just an issue for the IT department, but a key business risk to be managed and decided at board level. The recent experiences of Maersk and others have shown how devastating a cyber attack can be, while questions like the security of the Internet of Things or the ethics of artificial intelligence or data protection have become important issues in international politics. 

Following these major cyber attacks, it is now generally accepted that cyber security is not just an important issue for defence companies or the financial sector, but for every business and public administration globally. Moreover, cyber security and how to achieve it has become a key issue in national, European and international politics.

Business executives and board members need to understand this changing cyber security environment and the implications for their company or organisation. This is exactly what our line-up of experts will target at the conference Cyber Security Policy and Your Organisation: Protecting Businesses from Cyber Threats.  

Programme 15.30-19.00
  • Welcome and introduction 
    Jan Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark

  • How does the UK protect businesses from cyber threats?
    Jan Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Big Hacks and Small Mistakes
    Representatives from the National Cyber Crime Centre
  • Coffee break
  • Why should I buy cyber security insurance for my company?
    Peter Adelhardt, Director for Underwriting and Portfolio Development Industry, Tryg
  • The cyber threat today: an insider’s perspective
    Representative, Mærsk
  • Understanding the cyber risk and keeping your company safe: the new SDU programme on Cyber Security for Business Managers
    Jan Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Panel Q&A session

Participant Profile

The conference programme is  relevant for all small, medium and large size companies and public organisations who wish to be at the forefront of the cyber security development.

Managers and employees at all levels of the organisation will benefit from the topics of the conference. 

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