Developing and Implementing Strategy is an exclusive new offering, hence reviews are yet to come. This programme complies with the University's professional master degree standards. Testimonials follow from current MBA (Executive) students and alumni who share their experiences of studying on an executive programme at the University of Southern Denmark.  


MBA supports careers and creates good opportunities

“I chose to study for an MBA because I wanted to build a much stronger theoretical base for my job as manager. The quality of the teaching and the teachers has fully lived up to my expectations. There is a good mix of teaching and written assignments based on cases, which creates a good bridge between the theoretical and the practical, and I use what I have been taught every day. It is my absolute expectation that my MBA will provide support for my career and create greater opportunities in both the short and long term.”

Michael Bang, Managing Director, Management, Maersk Training Svendborg A/S


One of the most important decisions of my adult life!

“As a 45-year-old, I needed to ‘shake myself up’ and update my strategic toolbox. I chose the MBA programme  at the University of Southern Denmark as I needed an intellectual challenge in an environment in which there is a good balance between theory and practice. Taught by top professionals who spend time daily at both universities and companies and thus can contribute the latest theories and practical tools. In addition to the usual argument for increasing my personal market value, I have gained a valuable network across industries and businesses, both private and public. I have strengthened my ability to consider issues from a more strategic perspective, thus bringing more long-term solutions to the challenges I face in my daily work.”

Lars U. Borch, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Tytex A/S, President, Tytex Inc. (USA) 


New career opportunities

“At the age of 45, I had the courage to expand my career opportunities I had worked for more than 20 years with a background as a chemical engineer and had more than 10 years of experience in management roles. It was therefore time to supplement my continuing education in Engineering Business Administration with a higher-level course of study. The interaction with the teachers and the other students on the MBA has been very rewarding – partly due to the teaching itself, but not least due to the cooperation with my study group, where we – based on widely different backgrounds – have challenged and complemented each other well. Studying for an MBA has provided useful tools for engaging in discussions and conducting analyses to find solutions to professional and managerial challenges in both everyday life and from a strategic perspective. The theoretical ballast from the MBA has developed me professionally and personally and afforded me new career opportunities.”

Kenneth Svane, Area Manager and Assistant Market Area Manager, Food & Pharma, ÅF Consult A/S