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Value Creation through Additive Manufacturing (AM) | MMT course

Hvem: Master in Management of Technology (MMT)
Varighed:  Autumn
Hvor: Kolding & Odense


A technology with more potential

Additive manufacturing (AM) enabled by disruptive 3D print technologies can be applied for multiple purposes within product design and development, innovation, manufacturing, supply chain structures, for sustainability, and for business model innovation.

In this course, the student will gain the competence to connect the technical and commercial aspects related to the adoption of an AM strategy in an organisation. From a technology management perspective, it is important to master the technology selection process as well as the value creation process based on the opportunities offered by AM to increase outcomes connected with innovation, design, and sustainability.

The course will also offer an opportunity to visit an AM lab and will include assessments related to using or increasing the use of AM in your own company. The course is offered in collaboration with Danish AM Hub.


Who is the course aimed at?

The course targets senior managers, frontline managers, specialists and assistants within technology, operations, management, project, R&D, production/Manufacturing, innovation and sustainability. No prior knowledge about AM is required.  


Why consider this course?

At SDU, you have the opportunity to follow a number of single courses from our professional master's programmes. This course is part of  Master in Management of Technology (MMT).

On the course, there will be both fellow students who take a full professional master's programme and some who only take this course. You will thus have the opportunity to exchange experiences as well as network with like-minded professionals.


  • You get exactly the tools and theories you may need for your work
  • A good alternative to a full professional master's programme

A passed exam gives you ECTS credits that you may be able transfer if you later want to start a full professional master's programme.  


Entry requirements and application

You must fulfill the entry requirements of Master in Management of Technology. 

You apply for the course on the programme's website.

If you have questions regarding admission and payment, please feel free to contact us