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    29. marts 2023 - 16. november 2023
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Information meeting about Master in Management of Technology | MMT

Hvem: Master in Management of Technology (MMT)
Hvornår: 29. marts 2023 kl. 13:00 - 16. november 2023kl. 14: 00
Varighed:  45 min.
Hvor: Online

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Increasing need for technology managers

The continuous changes in available technologies and access to markets challenge core business processes and require updates of offerings. These challenges call for strategic technology management.

Master in Management of Technology enables you to strategically lead your organisation’s technology-based efforts towards innovative solutions, organisational change, and improved performance.


Attend an information meeting

The meetings will be held by the Head of Studies Marianne Harbo Frederiksen who will share all the information you need to know about the programme. 

Benefits of attending an information meeting include receiving information about:

  • Participant profile
  • Programme structure
  • Courses

Meetings are informal and provide an opportunity for questions and answers.


Where and when?

The information meetings are held online via Zoom.

  • Wednesday, March 29 at 15:00-15:45
  • Wednesday, May 10 at 15:00-15:45
  • Thursday, September 28 at 15:00-15:45
  • Thursday, November 16 at 15:00-15:45

Register by using this online form.


About Master in Management of Technology (MMT)

Read more about Master in Management of Technology at

Please feel free to contact the study coordinator if you have any questions.