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Programme - detailed

Nationalism, War and Defeat
Interdisciplinary Conference on Nationalism in Copenhagen, 25-26 May, 2023



Thursday May 25


8.00 - 9.15 Registration

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


9.15 - 9.30 Conference Welcome

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


9.30 - 10.45 Keynote: Prof. Andreas Wimmer (Columbia University)

Nationalism, State Building, and War: the View over the Long Term
Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


10.45 - 11.30 Coffee

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


Session 1: Thursday May 25, 11.30-13.00

Panel 1.A: Impacts of war and defeat (part 1)
Location: Room 15-3-1
Chair: John Hutchinson
Tamás Nyirkos: “Between two pagans”: A political theology of defeat
Claudia Snochowska-Gonzalez: How to build a great nation from the pitiful remnants of defeat? Polish nationalists and the nation's palingenesis
Արմեն Սարգսյան [Armen Sargsyan]: War and Peace. "Textual" Duality and Nationalism

Panel 1.B: 19h century nationalism (part 1): The threshold principle with 19th century nationalism
Location: Room 2-0-18
Chair: John Hall
Rasmus Glenthøj: A Realist Theory of Nationalism
Morten Nordhagen Ottosen: Fear and Survival in Scandinavia, 1809-1905
Jon Teistung: Construing National Identities during Times of War: Norwegian Perspectives on the Second Schleswig War of 1864

Panel 1.C: World War II and aftermath (part 1)
Location: Room 2-1-12
Chair: Nils Arne Sørensen
Christina Chatzitheodorou: Women’s Involvement in the Resistance Movements in Occupied Greece (1941-1944): Nationalist Discourse and Clandestine Press
Carlo de Nuzzo: Treason as the cause of the fall of fascism. 25 July and 8 September in neo-fascist rhetoric
Ville Kivimäki: Defeats on Screen. Reinterpreting War and the Nation in Finnish Postwar Movies in the 1940s and 1950s

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


14.00 - 15.15 Keynote: Prof. Siniša Maleševic (University College Dublin)

Nationalism, War and Deep Comradeship: The Dynamics of Solidarity on the Battlefield
Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


15.15 - 16.00 Coffee

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


Session 2: Thursday May 25, 16.00 – 17.30

Panel 2.A: Impacts of war and defeat (part 2)
Location: Room 15-3-1
Chair: Bill Kissane
Petra Babić: Defeat as Victory and its Cultural Impact. Case-study of Nikola Šubić Zrinski and the Battle of Szigetvár
Dejan Guzina: Victorious in Defeat – Serbia’s National Narratives in the Aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars of Dissolution
Aytaç Yürükçü: 1877-78 Russo-Turkish War and Its Nationalistic Effects on the Baltic Area: "Finland and Estonia"

Panel 2.B: 19th century nationalism (part 2): The impacts of the Danish Defeat in the Second War of Schleswig 
Location: Room 22-0-19
Chair: Rasmus Glenthøj
Jens Wendel-Hansen: 1864 – The source of the Danish Kosovo Myth [Only able on May 25]
Sine Marie Louise Krogh: The Cosmopolitan Defeat in the writing of Danish nineteenth century art history
Klaus Tolstrup Petersen: From State to Private Nationalism – Denmark as External National Homeland after 1864

Panel 2.C: World War I
Location: Room 2-0-18
Chair: Nils Arne Sørensen
Eirik Brazier: ‘Our blood on the United States Shield’: Public discourse on Norwegian identity during the First World War, as seen through the war efforts of Norwegian-American emigrees.
Imre Tarafás: War and Supranational Identity: Defining the Habsburg Monarchy during the First World War
Yaruipam Muivah: The Great War and the making of the identity movement in the borderland state of Manipur

Panel 2.D: Nationalism in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania
Location: Room 2-1-12
Chair: Atsuko Ichijo
Joshua Andy: Ideology and Defeat: The Return of Russian Nationalism in Soviet Russia
Чолій Сергій [Serhiy Choliy]: Militarism and nation-building in the world of the 21st century: The military defeat of Ukraine in 2014 and perspectives for the war in 2022
Dovilė Sagatienė: The Failure of Lithuanian Partisan War (1945-1953) Against USSR as the Nation Building Factor After 1990

Panel 2.E: Present-day cases of nationalism
Location: Room 2-2-36
Chair: Benedikte Brincker
Julia Håkansson: Victories and Defeats in the Sweden Democrats’ and the Danish People’s Party’s Historical Narratives [only able on May 25]
Liora Sion: `Ahmed, my son, how they killed you´; Israeli combat soldiers sing about Palestinians 
Margareta Blažević: “Hands Off Our Holy War”: The Public’s Support for the Official War Narrative and its Relationship to Transitional Justice Processes in Croatia


17.45 - 18.30 Scholarly exchange: Prof. Andreas Wimmer & Prof. Siniša Maleševic

Chair: Prof. Poul Fritz Kjær
Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


20.00 - 22.30 Conference dinner at Kosmopol

location: Fiolstræde 44, 1171 Copenhagen K

Friday May 26

8.30 - 9.00 Registration

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


9.00 - 10.15 Keynote: Dr. Erica Benner (Independent)

National Hyper-Competition and the Roots of Modern Democracy
Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


10.15 - 11.00 Coffee

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


Session 3: Friday May 26, 11.00 – 12.30

Panel 3.A: Impacts of Defeat (part 3)
Location: Room 15-3-1
Chair: John Hutchinson
Ichijo Atsuko: War memories are complicated: How the post-war Taiwanese society has dealt with memories of World War II
Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič:  Lessons of the “Slovenian Kosovo”: Narratives on the “Loss of Carinthia” among Slovenian Left-Wing Nationalist Intellectuals, 1930-1970
Zala Pavšic: Voices of the Defeated: Dissident narratives in the disintegration of Yugoslavia

Panel 3.B: 19th century nationalism (part 3): 19th century France
Location: Room 22-0-19
Chair: John Breuilly
Alan Forrest: War, Defeat and Nostalgia: France after Waterloo
Aurelien Lignereux: French imperial patriotism and the lost départements in the 19th century

Panel 3.C: World War II and aftermath (part 2)
Location: Room 2-0-18
Chair: Bill Kissane
Søren Werther Kjær Rasmussen: The Compensation Act of 1945: A tool for crafting the Danish consensus myth
Nikolai Brandal: Norwegian National Identity and the Purges of Quislings: Parliamentary debates 1945-50
Sami Suodenjoki and Mervi Kaarninen: Lived nation in the writings upwards of the defeated in post-Civil War Finland

Panel 3.D: The break-up of Yugoslavia
Location: Room 2-1-12
Chair: Steen Andersen
Daniela Simon: Istria as a Model of Fading Nationalism since the 1970s
Tea Sindbæk Andersen: “A narrative of ours”. War history on political and grass-root level in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the war 1992-1995
Miloš Hrnjaz: The National Interest After the War Defeat: The Curious Case of Serbia

Panel 3.E: Nationalism and war narratives (part 3)
Location: Room 2-2-36
Chair: John Hall
Michael Böss: Canada - Warrior Nation
Linus Hagström: When Do Humiliating Events Trigger Great Power Aggression? Meiji Japan Vs. Post-War Japan
Simon Halink: ‘Losers of the South, but Winners of the North!’ The Battle of Warns (1345) as a Contested Lieu de Mémoire in Frisian National Culture


12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


13.30 - 14.45 Keynote: Prof. Ute Frevert (Max Planck Institute for Human Development)

Honour and Humiliation: Emotional Language of War and Defeat
Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


14.45 - 15.30 Coffee

Location: Chr. Hansen Auditorium


Session 4: Friday May 26, 15.30 – 17.00

Panel 4.A: Impacts of war and defeat (part 4)
Location: Room 15-3-1
Chair: Michael Bregnsbo
William Kerr: National Victory by Proxy
Bill Kissane: After the storm. "De Valera's" Ireland as a narrative of consolation
John Hutchinson: Warfare and Nations: Anomaly or Constituting Framework

Panel 4.B: 19th century nationalism (part 4)
Location: Room 22-0-19
Chair: John Breuilly
Jonas Wernz: Preventing Defeat after Victory: European Peace due to Federal Nationalism in Germany, 1814-1815
Jacek Jędrysiak: Patriotism or Chauvinism? “Liberal Faction” in the Prussian Army and the Poles in the Years 1816-1848
Filip Tomić and Vlatka Tomić: Boer War and Croatian Public: Translation and Usage of a Distant War for Croatian Nationalism at the Turn of the 20th Century

Panel 4.C: Nationalism and war narratives (part 4)
Location: Room 2-0-18
Chair: Morten Nordhagen Ottosen
Michael Wedekind: Fighting the Outcome of a Fortunate Peace: National Narratives and Ethnocentric Policies in Interwar Romania
Rajendra Singh Thakur: Impact of 1962 Indo-China War on the Indian Psyche
Steen Andersen: The Gomulka doctrine and military cooperation - A strategy for national survival

Panel 4.D: Catalan nationalism
Location: Room 2-1-12
Chair: Magnus Møller Ziegler
Joan Esculies Serrat: The failed separatist insurrection that fuelled the radicalization of the Catalan nationalist youth (1926-1933)
Joana-Isabel Duyster Borreda: "1714" and Catalan identity


17.15 - 18.00 Scholarly exchange: Dr. Erica Benner & Prof. Ute Frevert

Chair: Vice Dean (Research and Impact), Faculty of Humanities, UCPH.


18.15 – 20.00 Reception at Ørsted Ølbar

Location: Nørre Farimagsgade 13, 1364 Copenhagen

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