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Seneste forskningsprojekter

Limiting antigen escape through optimized design and alternative antigen targeting of chimeric antigen receptor T cells
Cand.scient., PhD, Maria Ormhøj

Celiac disease viewed from insights in self-tolerance
MD, PhD, Leen Baudewijn

Expression and function of different isoforms of the immune regulatory molecule CD200
Cand. Scient., PhD, Ane Landt Larsen

Mechanisms behind the cell surface expression level variation between common HLA-A and -B alleles
Associate Professor, DMSc. Jan Nehlin

Post-transcriptional regulation of HLA-A and HLA-B in human stem cells and lymphocytes
Cand.Scient., PhD-student Christoffer Dellgren, e-mail:

Autoimmune Mechanisms in Children with Celiac Disease
PhD, Post Doc Henrik Toft-Hansen, e-mail:

MU-chain project
MD Leen Baudewijn, e-mail:

Characterization of locus-specific expression of HLA class I on stem cells and differentiated human cells in health and inflammatory diseases
MD, PhD-student Hardee J. Sabir, e-mail:

Examining the role of interferon lambda in selected viral infections or chronic inflammations
Master Student Marie Louise Hostmann, e-mail:

Investigation of tolerance-mediated proteins in human mesenchymal stem cells and their potential use in clinical stem cell transplantations
PhD, Post Doc Adiba Isa, e-mail:

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