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Igangværende forskningsprojekter

    Mette Schmidt:
    Schmidt M, Stokbro K: Virtual surgical planning review

    Abdul Kahn:
    Kahn A, Hartmann-Ryhl R & Marcussen L: Fibrøs dysplasi - review

    Anita Ohm:
    Ohm A, Stokbro K: Dental injury during maxillary segmentation

    Rasmus Hartmann-Ryhl:
    Hartmann-Ryhl R, Stokbro K: Guided implant placement

    Frederik Buch-Rasmussen:
    Buch-Rasmussen F, Stokbro K: Changes in condylar position during orthognathic surgery

    Sodoba Ghawsi:
    Ghawsi S, Plilipsen B, Marcussen L, Stokbro K: Tandbehandlinger kan give recidiverende infektioner I sinus maxillaris

    Ghawsi S, Stokbro K: Update on alloplastic reconstruction of the TMJ, the Odense cohort

    Nicolai Paaske:
    Paaske N, Stokbro K: Functional foods project – what does a healthy diet mean for the healing of our patients

    Kasper Stokbro:
    Stokbro K, Bell B, Thygesen T, Marcussen L: How to adjust the external reference measurement to the 3D maxillary movement.

    Stokbro K, Liebregts J, Baan F, et al. Surgical sequencing shows minimal influence on postoperative occlusion but a large gender gap exists

    Paaske N, Torkov P, Jacobsen C, Marcussen L, Stokbro K. Orthognathic surgery effect on respiration.

    Fortsat samarbejde med Ton Xi, Nijmegen, Holland Surgical accuracy & relapse ortokir.
    Samarbejde med Michael Han, Michigan, ang. Segmenteret Le Fort I study, opstart 2020.
    Bryan Bell, fortsat visiting professorship.



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