Igangværende forskningsprojekter

Kasper Stokbro

  • Ph.d.-afhandling:
    "Surgical accuracy and skeletal stability in inferior maxillary repositioning."
  • Kasper Stokbro, Bryan Bell, Torben Thygesen og Lillian Marcussen:
    "How to adjust the external reference measurement to the 3D maxillary movement."
  • Projekt med Neurokirurgisk Afdeling om analyse på mikrodialyse-parametre:
    "A prospective observational feasibility study of jugular bulb microdialysis in subarachnoid hemorrhage"

Rasmus Hartmann-Ryhl

  • Hartmann-Ryhl R., Larsen MK, Stokbro K.
    "Direct intraoral scanning improves digital reproduction of cusps and brackets compared with indirect plaster cast scan in clinical practice."

Frederik Buch-Rasmussen

  • "Changes in condylar position during orthognathic surgery."

Gregory Tour

  • Oluwagbemigun K., Yucel-Lindberg T., Tour G. et al
    "A cross-sectional investigation into the association between Porphyromonas gingivalis  and autoantibodies to citrullinated proteins in a German population."
  • Lemberger M., Tour G., Karsten A., Engqvist H., Engstrand T., Thor A.
    "Calcium Phosphate Disc Instructs Vertical Bone Growth and Integrates with Dental Implant."
  • Tour G., Davies LC, Le Blank K.
    "The role of oral progenitor cells in the oral wound healing of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation recipients."

Sodoba Ghawsi

  • Case artikel  om unicystisk ameloblastom
  • Artikel om unilateral sinusitis
  • Sodoba Ghawsi, Esben Aagaard, Lillian Marcussen, Kasper Stokbro
    Update on alloplastic reconstruction of the TMJ, the Odense cohort

Iman Ahzemehr

  • Contemporary Techniques in Orbital Reconstruction: A Review of the Literature and Report of a Case Combining Surgical Navigation, Computer-Aided Surgical Simulation and a Patient-Specific Implant
  • Traumatic superior orbital fissure syndrome

Diverse projekter

  • Son Nguyen, vejleder Lillian Marcussen
  • Jon Eikenes, vejleder Lillian Marcussen
  • Lillian Marcussen
    OSA, skinnebehandling
  • Nicolai Paaske, Kasper Stokbro, Lillian Marcussen
    Ortokirurgisk luftvejsopgørelse

Fortsat samarbejde med Ton Xi, Nijmegen, Holland Surgical accuracy & relapse ortokir.
Samarbejde med Michael Han, Michigan, ang. Segmenteret Le Fort I study, opstart 2020.
Bryan Bell, fortsat visiting professorship.