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D-IAS Lecture on Wednesday 15 May 2019

by Prof. Joel Mokyr, Northwestern, room O100, “Is technological progress a thing of the past?”.

On Wednesday 15 May we have two exciting events download PDF file here

12:15-13:15 D-IAS Lecture by Prof. Joel Mokyr, Northwestern, room O100

“Is technological progress a thing of the past?”.

Prof. Mokyr is a leading economic historian, and his current research is concerned with the understanding of the economic and intellectual roots of technological progress and the growth of useful knowledge in European societies, as well as the impact that industrialization and economic progress have had on economic welfare.
Abstract: What is the future of innovation? In the past it has often been asserted that “everything that can be invented already has been” and that all the “easy inventions” have been made. Hence, it is alleged, in the future inventions will become increasingly hard and costly, and the rate of technological progress (and with it economic growth) will slow down. Looking at the main factors determining technological progress in the past, however, legitimate doubts can be cast on the slow-down hypothesis and it seems more plausible that at least in terms of technological change, the best is yet to come.”

13:30-14:00 Book Launch of Markus Lampe (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business) and Paul Sharp 

“A Land of Milk and Butter How Elites Created the Modern Danish Dairy Industry” (The University of Chicago Press).

This important book presents a radical retelling of how Denmark became the rich and successful country it is today, with some striking lessons for present day developing countries. Prof. Mokyr has kindly agreed to participate and say a few words, and this will be followed by a short introduction to the book by Markus and Paul, accompanied by some light refreshments outside O100.