Ph.d.-studerende på instituttet

Ph.d.-studerende på instituttet

Se liste over nuværende ph.d-studerende og deres projekter

Caterina Mauri On the Choices of Artists and Art Consumers

Charlotte Sun Clausen-Jørgensen  Identifying the role of private equity firms in creating value 

Christian Emil Westermann Transcription and Economic Analysis of Handwritten Historical Documents

Christian Vedel Sørensen Conflict and Development

Dieudonné  Munsi  Essays in The Effects of Language Change and Language Proficiency on Health, Migration and Economic Development

Emil Nørmark Sørensen  Lifecycle Exposure to Cold and Mortality: Evidence from Sweden and Competing Risk Models

Frederikke Frehr Kristensen Essays in Demography, Health and Economic Development

Leanne Streekstra Cost allocation in connection networks

Maja Uhre Pedersen Historical Origins and Consequences of the North-South Divide in Italy

Nadja Fugleberg Damtoft How to measure Sustainable Performance Management

Simon Friis Wittrock Transcribing, linking, and analysing individual data from handwritten historical documents

Viktor Malein The Road to Americanization: Kindergarten Education and the Integration of Immigrant Children

Xanthi Tsoukli  Cooperatives in the agricultural sector: historical evidence on the economic growth