PhD Oral Defence Session : 25. June 2020 at 12:30

PhD Defence : Jesper Lund, MSc

25-06-2020: Epigenetic biomarkers as indicator and predictor of late-life mortality in older individuals

PhD Oral Defence Session

Jesper Beltoft Lund, MSc

Date and time:

25. June 2020 at 12:30




Introduction to Project

Epigenetic biomarkers as predictors of late-life mortality in the elderly


Committee of Examiners

Prof. Dr. Dominik Heider

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Marburg

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Tümer

Department of Clinical Medicine, Rigshospitalet - Diagnostisk Center

Associate Prof. Klaus Brusgaard

Department of Clinical Genetics, SDU (chairman)


Main supervisor

Professor Qihua Tan

Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark