Udvalgte publikationer

Familial Risk and Heritability of Cancer Among Twins in Nordic Countries.
Mucci LA, Hjelmborg JB, Harris JR, Czene K, Havelick DJ, Scheike T, Graff RE, Holst K, Möller S, Unger RH, McIntosh C, Nuttall E, Brandt I, Penney KL, Hartman M, Kraft P, Parmigiani G, Christensen K, Koskenvuo M, Holm NV, Heikkilä K, Pukkala E, Skytthe A, Adami HO, Kaprio J; Nordic Twin Study of Cancer (NorTwinCan) Collaboration.
JAMA. 2016 Jan 5;315(1):68-76. Pubmed abstract

Paternal age and telomere length in twins: the germ stem cell selection paradigm.
Hjelmborg JB, Dalgård C, Mangino M, Spector TD, Halekoh U, Möller S, Kimura M, Horvath K, Kark JD, Christensen K, Kyvik KO, Aviv A.
Aging Cell. 2015 Aug;14(4):701-3. Pubmed abstract

Physical and cognitive functioning of people older than 90 years: A comparison of two Danish cohorts born 10 years apart.
Christensen K, Thinggaard M, Oksuzyan A, Steenstrup T, Andersen-Ranberg K, Jeune B, McGue M, Vaupel JW.
Lancet. 2013 Nov 2;382(9903):1507-13. Pubmed abstract 

Growing old but not growing apart: Twin similarity in the latter half of the lifespan.
McGue M, Christensen K.
Behav Genet. 2013 Jan;43(1):1-12. Pubmed abstract

Adult glucose metabolism in extremely birthweight-discordant monozygotic twins.
Frost M, Petersen I, Brixen K, Beck-Nielsen H, Holst JJ, Christiansen L, Højlund K, Christensen K.
Diabetologia 2012 Dec; 55(2):3204-12. Pubmed abstract

Skewed X inactivation and survival: A 13-year follow-up study of elderly twins and singletons. 
Mengel-From J, Thinggaard M, Christiansen L, Vaupel JW, Orstavik KH, Christensen K. 
European Journal of Human Genetics 2012; 20(3):361-4. Pubmed abstract

Human longevity and variation in GH/IGF-1/insulin signaling, DNA damage signaling and repair and pro/antioxidant pathway genes: cross sectional and longitudinal studies.
Soerensen M, Dato S, Tan Q, Thinggaard M, Kleindorp R, Beekman M, Jacobsen R, Suchiman HE, de Craen AJ, Westendorp RG, Schreiber S, Stevnsner T, Bohr VA, Slagboom PE, Nebel A, Vaupel JW, Christensen K, McGue M, Christiansen L.
Experimental Gerontology 2012;47(5):379-87. Pubmed abstract

Analyzing age-specific genetic effects on human extreme age survival in cohort-based longitudinal studies.
Tan Q, Jacobsen R, Sørensen M, Christiansen L, Kruse TA, Christensen K.
Eur J Hum Genet. 2013 Apr;21(4):451-4. Pubmed abstract

Dissecting complex phenotypes using the genomics of twins.
Tan Q, Ohm Kyvik K, Kruse TA, Christensen K.
Funct Integr Genomics. 2010 Aug;10(3):321-7. Pubmed abstract.

Ageing populations: The challenges ahead.
Christensen K, Doblhammer G, Rau R, Vaupel JW.
Lancet 2009;374(9696):1196-208 (Review). Pubmed abstract

Perceived age as clinically useful biomarker of ageing: Cohort study.
Christensen K, Thinggaard M, McGue M, Rexbye H, Hjelmborg J, Aviv A, Gunn D, V d Ouderaa F, Vaupel JW.
BMJ 2009; 339: b5262. Pubmed abstract

The male-female health-survival paradox: A survey and register study of the impact of sex-specific selection and information bias.
Oksuzyan A, Petersen I, Støvring H, Bingley P, Vaupel JW, Christensen K.
Annals of Epidemiology 2009;19(7):504-511(udvalgt som bedste artikel i 2009 i Annals of Epidemiology). Pubmed abstract

Exceptional longevity does not result in excessive levels of disability.
Christensen K, McGue M, Petersen I, Jeune B, Vaupel JW.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
2008; 105(36): 13274-9. Pubmed abstract

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