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Sundhedsøkonomisk evaluering

I DaCHE har vi stor erfaring med sundhedsøkonomisk evaluering. Vi udarbejder CUA/CEA og omkostningsanalyser, yder sparring omkring sundhedsøkonomiske evalueringer (herunder studiedesign, indsamling af data og valg af outcomemål), vejleder ph.d.-studerende og underviser i økonomisk evaluering. Hvis du vil vide mere er du velkommen til at kontakte projektleder Line Planck Kongstad

Eksempler på igangværende/fremtidige projekter:


  • IMPROVE-IT2 – CUA af brugen af ctDNA til at øge andelen, der overlever tilbagefald af tarmkræft
  • Økonomisk evaluering af en langsigtet patient-centreret intervention til at forbedre medicinsk adherence hos psoriasispatienter lokalbehandlet med kortikosteroidholdige præparater
  • Økonomiske evalueringer relateret til RCT studier tilknyttet DCCC ctDNA
  • Omkostninger ved screening for tyk- og endetarmskræft i Danmark
  • Økonomisk evaluering af PET/CT for overlevelse af lungekræft
  • Økonomisk evaluering af et AI-baseret system til at overvåge patienter for adverse events på hospitaler (WARD-projektet)
  • Cost-effectiveness of insulin pump use among diabetes 1 patients: a matched controlled study Economic consequences of a new course of rehabilitation and care for older adults after hip fracture


  • Halling, C et al. Resource consequences of gastrointestinal bleedings in critically ill patients: Evidence from the SUP-ICU trail. Healthcare utilization the last year of life in Danish patients with uncurable cancer. A national register-based study.

Metodemæssige bidrag til CEA/CUA

  • A longitudinal study of quality of life in incurable cancer patients using both the EQ-5D-5L and the EORTC QLQ-C30D.

Eksempler på afsluttede projekter: CEA/CUA

  • Hellström L, Kruse M, Christensen TN, Wolf RT & Eplov LF (2021): Cost-effectiveness analysis of a supported employment intervention for people with mood and anxiety disorders in Denmark – the IPS-MA intervention, Nordic Journal of Psychiatry
  • Pedersen, S.S., Andersen, C.M., Ahm, R. et al. Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a therapist-assisted web-based intervention for depression and anxiety in patients with ischemic heart disease attending cardiac rehabilitation [eMindYourHeart trial]: a randomised controlled trial protocol. BMC Cardiovasc Disord 21, 20 (2021).
  • Skovsgaard CV, Kruse M, Hjollund NHI, Maribo T, Thurah A. Cost-effectiveness of telehealth-based outpatient follow-up for tight control of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis: Economic evaluation of the TeRA randomised controlled trial. Submitted to Arthritis Care & Research, 2021.
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Metodemæssige bidrag til CEA/CUA

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