IRS - Sydvestjysk Sygehus - Igangværende

Anne Cathrine Meldgaard Godtfredsen - "Preeclampsia and contact activation"

Hovedvejleder: Professor Jørgen Gram


Ayse Dudu Altintas Dogan - Effects of GLP-1 receptor agonist treatment on pulmonary function and quality of life in obese patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Hovedvejleder: Claus Bogh Juhl
Ea Uhrskov Christensen - "Management strategies and adherence on disease modifying therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis"

Hovedvejleder: Lektor Tobias Sejbæk Mathiesen

Medvejledere: Bibi Gram, Bodil Bjørnshave Noe, Louise Schlosser Mose


Jacob Broder Brodersen - "A comparative study of the diagnostic validity of ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and capsule endoscopy of both the small and large intestine in suspected Crohn's disease"

Hovedvejleder: Klinisk lektor Torben Knudsen

Medvejledere: Jens Kjeldsen, Michael Dam Jensen, Søren Rafael Rafaelsen


Line Espenhain Andersen - Meal-induced thrombin generation in obese women and men before and after gastric bypass - a model of intentional weight loss
Hovedvejleder: Else-Marie Bladbjerg
Magnus Ploug - Preoperative management of iron deficiency and anemia in colorectal cancer patients
Hovedvejleder: Torben Knudsen
Marianne Fløjstrup - The reformation of the Danish acute care system – from the many small hospitals to few big emergency departments
Hovedvejleder: Mikkel Brabrand
Mette Elkjær - Readmission rate and quality of life among elderly patients who are acutely admitted and receive homecare
Hovedvejleder: Bibi Valgerdur Gram
Mia Stræde - Clinical Outcome and Quality of Life in Patients with Sepsis on Admission. - Microdialysis, questioners and Clinical Scoring Systems
Hovedvejleder: Mikkel Brabrand
Monija Mrgan - Forekomst og udvikling af koronar arteriosklerose hos ny-diagnosticerede type-2 diabetikere
Hovedvejleder: Niels Peter Rønnow Sand
Nicoline Ostermann Lorenzen - "Incidence of stroke in type 2 diabetes patients with altered fibrinogen molecules"

Hovedvejleder: Lektor Anna-Marie Bloch Münster

Medvejledere: Else-Marie Bladbjerg, Moniek de Maat


Søren Nissen - Designing Initial Triage for the Old in the ED
Hovedvejleder: Mikkel Brabrand
Stavros Chrysidis - Evaluering af Ultralyds Rolle hos patienter med mistanke om Ekstrakranial og Kranial kæmpecelle Arteritis (E.U.R.E.K.A)
Hovedvejleder: Knud Larsen
Stine Hanson - The very old patient’s perspective: Important factors at end-of-life, treatment preferences and stability of those
Hovedvejleder: Mikkel Brabrand
Trine Wulff Nielsen - "The effect of bimaxillary orthognathic surgery on the Temporomandibular Joint"

Hovedvejleder: Professor Else Marie Pinholt


Vlad Florescu - The AMETO database: A quality assessment
Hovedvejleder: Else Marie Pinholt


IRS - Sydvestjysk Sygehus - Afsluttede

Anne-Sophie Sejling - Recurrent hypoglycaemia in type 1 diabetes: effects on cognitive function, cerebral electrical activity and skin temperature

Grad tildelt: 5. juni 2015

Hovedvejleder: Claus Bogh Juhl

Charlotte Røn Stolberg - Short-term and long-term effects of gastric bypass and supervised physical training after gastric bypass on physical activity, health related quality of life and biomarkers of cardiovascular diseas

Grad tildelt: 11. juli 2018

Hovedvejleder: Claus Bogh Juhl

Daniel Biltoft - Biomaterials and prevention of thrombosis

Hovedvejleder: Jørgen Gram

Grad tildelt: 30.10.2019 


Jesper Jared Secher - Prediction and prevention of bleeding and swelling in orthognathic surgery

Grad tildelt: 11. juni 2018

Hovedvejleder: Else Marie Pinholt

Lene Hymøller Mundbjerg - Supervised physical training following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery - Effects on weight loss, physical capacity and cardiovascular risk markers

Grad tildelt: 17. maj 2018

Hovedvejleder: Claus Bogh Juhl

Lisbet Krogh Traulsen - Risk factors for adult asthma and early COPD

Grad tildelt: 15. juni 2017

Hovedvejleder: Lars Rauff Skadhauge


Louise Schlosser Mose - The effect of a patient educational programme in Medication-overuse headache

Grad tildelt: 23-01-2019

Hovedvejleder: Bibi Valgerdur Gram

Margrethe Langer Bro - MusiCare. Live musik for cancer patients - does it work?
Hovedvejleder: Jeppe Gram
Ramshanker Ramanathan - Biochemical and morphological characteristics of atherosclerosis in healthy individuals
Hovedvejleder: Niels Peter Rønnow Sand
Simon Chang - The Haemostatic Balance in Klinefelter Syndrome - The Effect of Testosterone Treatment
Hovedvejleder: Anna-Marie Bloch Münster
Sirwan Fernandez Gurani - Definition of Skeletal Anatomical Landmarks and Upper Airway Boundaries in orthognathic surgery patients: A new methodological approach.

Hovedvejleder: Else Marie Pinholt

Grad tildelt: 17.09.2019