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Arrangementer og kurser

Kurser udbudt af IRS og KI

Herunder WRITE's kurser. Du kan se kursusprogrammer, datoer og nærmere information under de enkelte kurser

The goal of this course is to help you sharpen your writing skills in English for academic purposes. The focus is on optimizing sentence structure and sequence as well as grammar and vocabulary to make your writing clear, concise, and appropriate for the target audience.

To participate in the course, you are required to submit a one-page sample of your academic writing (e.g. part of a study protocol or draft manuscript) prior to the course so that we can assess your language needs.

Criteria for course credits are submission of the pre-course text and active participation in both days of the course, including a homework assignment of 1-2 hours and review/revision of your own manuscript.

Participants will gain confidence and competence in writing scientific texts in English. You will learn some strategies for expressing your intended meaning in English and for reflecting on your own writing style.

The course is built up around central writing topics and will comprise interactive lectures, group work, and individual writing practice. Topics include sentence types, subject-verb agreement, use of active and passive voice, British versus American English, and academic vocabulary and style.

Dates and further details:

Click here: 30th, 31st January and 2nd February 2023. Deadline for registration: 24th January 2023

Click here: 2nd, 3rd and 5th October 2023. Deadline for registration: 25. September 2023

For further information or registration

Please contact Lene Ververs -

The purpose of this five-day course is to help you publish a systematic, critical literature review. The pre-requirement is that you have selected your topic and found most of your articles to be included in the review. You should have worked out your research questions. The course consists of instruction, coaching, individual work, and group work with peer-review. The course is suitable for those whose topic is not suitable for a classical Cochrane review and, please note, this is not a course in how to perform a meta-analysis, i.e., it is not a course in statistics. If you have already taken the PhD-school one-day course on systematic critical literature reading, you can start directly on day two after agreement with the course administrator.

On day one, which is identical to the one-day course provided by the PhD School, we will discuss the various types of reviews and how these are designed. The three main aspects of a systematic review, namely the descriptive part, the quality aspect, and the result sections will be explained and discussed with help from the literature and own examples. Thereafter, the basic checklists for these three aspects will be discussed and how to deal with interpretation of the results, in light of the quality assessment of the reviewed articles.

On day two a research librarian will guide you on how to strengthen your searches. You will do individual work, assisted, and supervised as needed, so you must bring your own computer. Your preparation for the day consists of preparing search terms, i.e., subject heading and free text search terms (free text search are search terms and synonyms that will be searched in title and abstract) for at least two of the databases you are going to search. Furthermore, you should bring relevant articles for the review that can be used to validate and refine / expand your searches. Please come well-prepared for the day, so you have the best possible starting point to improve and optimize your searches. Those of you who do not need this service are free this day.

On day three, different checklists that are available for various study designs will be consulted and your own review brought into focus. You will be divided into groups and you will formulate your own review objectives, select your type of checklists, and determine if you are to design your own checklist or use one that already exists. In the latter case, you may have to modify it. The choice of items on your checklist must be defined and explained. On day two you will do a pilot study of your checklists to see if they work, so you must bring some of your articles.

On day four, approximately one month later, you will return to the course and can discuss any questions or problems with your group and the course leader. Ideally, you should have reviewed as many articles as possible using your checklists. The analysis of data and data interpretation will be discussed as well as the layout and contents of checklists and format of the report.

One day five, several months later, we shall work on everybody’s data analysis and data reporting, plus look at the structure and lay-out of your final report. We shall make use of the group dynamics and the course leader is there to help everybody individually. Hopefully, by the end of this fifth session, the structure and contents of your systematic review is more or less completed, and you should be able to tie up loose ends and polish the last bits, ready to actually write the final report.

Because of the intensive coaching requirements of this course, the number of places is limited. If problems arise during the course, you are welcome to contact the course leader by e-mail for assistance.

Dates and further details:

Click here: 12th January, 13th January, 2nd March, 10th March and 8th June 2023. Deadline for registration: 3rd January 2023

Click here: 6th September, 7th September, 5th October, 10th November and 14th December 2023. Deadline for registration: 1st September 2023

For further information or registration:

Please contact Lene Ververs -

This course is aimed at PhD students who are starting on or are in the process of writing their thesis. We will discuss the requirements for a thesis and describe the main models for structuring a thesis. In the afternoon, students will work on their own thesis and participate in peer review, where each student presents their thesis structure in small groups. The tutors will be available for individual advice on the structure and content of your own thesis.

Dates and further details:

Click here: 9th January 2023. Deadline for registration: 4th January 2023

Click here: 7th June 2023. Deadline for registration: 1st June 2023

Click here: 29th August 2023.  Deadline for registration: 31th July 2023

Click here: 11th December 2023. Deadline for registration: 6th December 2023

For further information or registration:

Please contact Lene Ververs -

In this four-day course, each day will focus on a separate section of a data-driven scientific article. The goals are to help student to structure and write scientific articles and to provide an opportunity for peer contact and sparring.

The focus is on the structure and content of the student’s own manuscript. The work consists of lectures, discussion on own work and on examples from the literature, group work, and individual work. At the end of the afternoons, the group will continue to work on their own article (“individual work”) and can get individual advice on structure and content (“coaching”).

Please note that the student will be asked to structure the text and not to write it out in complete sentences and paragraphs. At the end of this course, the student will have produced a structure (skeleton) of a manuscript, ready for completion in collaboration with the supervisors.

The program will cover the following aspects:

Day 1:

  • The structure of an article and how all of it depends on its study objectives.
  • Defining aims and objectives in detail.
  • How to build the Introduction based on the study objectives.

Day 2:

  • Report of own work on the structured Introduction
  • How to build the Methods section based on the study objectives and with emphasis on different types of study designs.

Day 3:

  • Report on own work on the structured Methods section.
  • How to build the Result section based on the study objectives.
  • Design of tables, figures and graphs and the division between text and illustrations.

Day 4:

  • Report on own work with the structured Result section and choice of methods for reporting results.
  • How to build the Discussion section, with emphasis on how to deal with comparisons with other studies and how to approach own methodological considerations.
  • How to deal with Conclusions and Perspectives

Dates and further details:

Click here: 22nd – 25th May 2023. Deadline for registration: 15th May 2023 

Click here: 4th – 7th December 2023. Deadline for registration: 28th November 2023

For further information or registration:

Please contact Lene Ververs -

Et lille kursus hvis målsætning er at lære deltagerne at planlægge på et overordnet niveau (og derefter i detalje) forskellige former for mundtlig præsentation (thesis defense, konferencepræsentation, undervisning).

Metoden er hurtig at lære og garanterer, at man ikke inkluderer for meget, samt at alt indhold relateres til et klart mål. Brug af denne metode vil indebære en tidsbesparelse og formentlig bedre præsentationer.

Kursets indhold består af følgende aspekter:

  • En gennemgang af hvad der karakteriserer en god mundtlig præsentation (inkl. Powerpoint) og hvad man skal undgå
  • Definition af målet med præsentationen
  • Forklaring af planlægningsskabelonen
  • En forklaring af hvordan man prioriterer indhold efter tidsrammen
  • Overordnet plan af 'subheadings'
  • Valg af nøgleord til hver 'slide'
  • Hvor lang tid til hver 'slide'
  • Eget arbejde med assistance fra kursusleder

Dates and further details:

Click here: 3rd March 2023. Deadline for registration: 25th February 2023

Click here: 9th June 2023. Deadline for registration: 2nd June 2023

Click here: 1st September 2023. Deadline for registration: 28th August 2023

Click here: 15th December 2023. Deadline for registration: 7th December 2023

For further information or registration:

Please contact Lene Ververs -

The aim of this course is to give you the tools to make the information in your text flow well so that your message is clear and stands out.

The course is open to students who have completed the English Grammar in Context course offered by KI/IRS and the Graduate School of health Sciences.

The Logic of Writing course will focus on:

  • Logical flow of information in a text
  • How to create coherent paragraphs
  • Linkages between the sentences of a paragraph

When you have completed this course, you will have obtained:

  • Knowledge about structural links of a text and paragraphing
  • The skills to analyse cohesion and linkage in a text
  • The competence to revise a text to create logical information flow and effective paragraphs.

As preparation for the course, you will need to:

  1. Watch a 5-minute video about Sentence types in English
  2. Do an online assignment on ‘Strategies for improving sentence clarity’ to revise the standard English word order.

Dates and further details:

Click here: 23rd, 24th and 26th October 2023 - Odense

For futher information or registration

Please contact Lene Ververs -

Under ledelse af institutleder Rikke Leth-Larsen og faglig ansvarlig professor Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde udbyder Institut for Regional Sundhedsforskning et tredages introduktionskursus for kommende ph.d.-studerende.

Kurset henvender sig primært til studerende der påtænker at søge om optagelse, eller er under indskrivning på ph.d.-studiet. På kurset vil du få en grundlæggende introduktion til administrative og akademiske værktøjer, samt vejledning- og hjælpefunktioner i organisationen, som kan anvendes i forberedelsen og udformningen af ph.d.-ansøgningen.

Programmet består af to hoveddele. Den ene del omhandler de praktiske forhold vedrørende ph.d.-uddannelsen, og den anden del består af et lynkursus omhandlende de store akademiske aspekter af ph.d.-uddannelsen, dvs. selve ph.d.-projektet. En række erfarne og indsigtsfulde personer vil give nogle grundlæggende og meget nødvendige kurser på en række emner omfattende bl.a. etiske principper, litteratursøgning, forskningsdesign og forskningsprocessen mm.

Læs mere i det endelige kursusprogram som lægges ud på de kliniske institutters hjemmesider i henholdsvis februar 2023 og september 2023

Dates and further details:

Click here: 27th - 29th March 2023

Click here: 2nd - 4th October 2023

For further information or registration:

Please contact Lene Ververs -


Ønsker du mere information eller at tilmelde dig et af kurserne, så kontakt Lene Ververs

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