IRCA arrangementer

2 November 2018

MCI-Industry Day with Matchmaking and Innovation Award Ceremony, Sønderborg
IRCA-Farewell og hvordan vi fortsætter

28 June 2018

Cross-dicsiplinary Poster Session at SDU Sonderborg (organized by the VIP Club, co-organized by IRCA)

21-22 June 2018

International Workshop on Networks in Changing Business Ecosystems, (co-organized by IRCA Kolding) in Flensburg

May 2018

D-IP Fair in Copenhagen. IRCA key topic, i.e. Charisma Profiling & Training will be presented

15 March 2018

Research-and-Discussion Event on Chatismatic Speech, MCI Innovation Lab, HUM, SAMF and TEK people participated

9 . juni 2016

IRCA gæsteforelæsning ved Prof. Hansjörg Mixdorff
From Acoustics to Meaning: Perception of Prominence and Focus Identification
13:00-14:00 i M401

8 . juni 2016
IRCA seminar
13:30-15:30 i M402

3 . juni 2016
Foredrag ved Professor Vladimir Shalaev, Æresdoktor ved SDU
Modern trends in nanophotonics
14:00-1600 i U101

25. maj 2016
IRCA foredrag ved Prof. Ursula Weisenfeld, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Institutional Entrepreneurship for More Sustainable Development in Cities
14:00-15:30 i M402

21. maj 2016
IRCA and Marketing Club Schleswig Holstein
Læs mere om denne event på MCSH tyske hjemmeside her
11:30-16:30 i U101

20. april 2016
Foredrag ved Professor Vladimir Shalaev, Æresdoktor ved SDU
Optical metamaterials: technology of the future
14:00-15:00 i U101

23. marts 2016

IRCA gæsteforelæsning ved Jaap Ham
Persuasive robots and persuasive lightning
13:30-15:00 i M401

22. marts 2016
IRCA seminar
When people and machines meet
13:00-14:50 i M301

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