Metode forskning

Methodological research aims at improving research methodology and statistical methods in order to more precisely answer research questions.

This branch of research is particularly important in relation to MSD because methods for measuring both the presence of conditions and the outcomes of treatments are not well developed. In particular, research aiming at validating the tools used for measuring function and quality of life in MSD patients is needed because without reliable and responsive tools the ability to select the right patients and evaluate the effect of treatments is compromised. Another important focus area is development of methods capable of combining extensive information from databases, cohort, and clinical studies in order to identify clinically relevant subgroups of patients that appear to have particularly good or particularly poor prognoses. Finally, progress in methodology relating to synthesis of evidence in systematic reviews and statistical analysis of longitudinal studies investigating episodic conditions are needed.

Specifically we will

  • Whenever feasible, clinimetric evaluations of questionnaires and outcome measures used in clinical studies will be incorporated in study protocols
  • Translate existing outcome measures into Danish and evaluate of their clinimetric properties
  • Participate in the development of new improved condition specific outcome measures
  • Participate in methodological workshops and development of improved methodology in systematic reviews
  • Participate in methodological workshops and development of improved methodology in relation to multivariate longitudinal analyses of complex conditions
  • Participate in research aiming at developing methods in sub-group research