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Recent News from EMC

2020 July:
  • Three years ago, the new degree in Business Administration - Energy Management was launched at SDU Esbjerg. Now the first graduates are finished - and with great success. Read more about it here.
2018 July:
  • Paper published in Journal of Regulatory Economics. The paper shows both theoretically and empirically that there is economic substance in regulators’ attempts to keep regulated prices stable. 
Full reference: Biggar, D. Glachant, M. and Söderberg, M., (forthcoming), Should regulators care about price stability? Evidence from the Swedish District Heating Sector. Journal of Regulatory Economics.
2018 June:
  • Paper published in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics. The paper proposes a new estimation approach when treatment is endogenous and persistent. 
Full reference: Berthélemy, M., Bonev, P., Dussaux, D. and Söderberg, M., (forthcoming), Methods for strengthening a weak instrument in the case of persistent treatment. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics. 
  • Paper published in Journal of Cleaner Production. This paper investigates public acceptance on peak and off-peak pricing in China. We investigate what are drivers and barriers for their acceptance. 
  • Full Reference:Yang, Y., Wang, M., Liu, Y., & Zhang, L. (2018). Peak-off-peak load shifting: Are public willing to accept the peak and off-peak time of use electricity price?doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.06.181
  • Paper published in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments. Replacing all oil boilers with renewable energy technologies by 2035 is part of the national energy strategy 2050 in Denmark.This study investigates the drivers for decision makers when adopting different renewable heating technologies. Full reference:Yang, Y., Ren., J., Solgaard, H., Xu, D. & Nguyen, T. (2018) , 29, 36-43. doi:Sustainable Energy Technologies and AssessmentsUsing multi‐criteria analysis to prioritize renewable energy home heating technologies.
  • Paper published in Energy Research & Social Science. This paper  investigates how framing affect consumers’ willingness to buy green electricity using a contingent valuation method. The results show that consumers displayed stronger intention to buy green electricity when the situation was framed in a positive manner (i.e., most Danish households have already bought it), as compared to the situation framed in a negative manner (i.e., only a few Danish households have bought green electricity).Full Reference: Yang, Y.,Solgaard, H. S., & Ren, J. (2018). Does positive framing matter? An investigation of how framing affects consumers’ willingness to buy green electricity in Denmark. Energy Research & Social Science, 46, 40-47. doi:  
  • The second Energy Workshop arranged by EMC was held at SDU SEBE. 
  • Project meeting for SEMI project was held in Rambøll Copenhagen. 
2018 May:
  • Damien Dussaux from Cerna, Mines ParisTech gives a presentation for the SEBE researchers and stays in Esbjerg for 3 days to work with Magnus on a joint project.
2018 April:
  • EMC has received 200 000 DKK in funding from the SUC-fund. 
  • Phd Student Viktor Racz defended his PhD thesis. He delivered a lecture on “The effect of electricity storage and renewable energy in the Danish power system”
2018 March:
  • Paper published in Energy Economics. The paper shows that regulatory decisions are affected by case complexity and by regulators level of experience. 
Full reference: Söderberg, M., Menezes, F., Santolino, M., (2018), Regulatory behaviour under threat of court reversal: theory and evidence from the Swedish electricity market. Energy Economics, Vol 71, pp. 302-310.
  • The first Energy Workshop arranged by EMC was held at SDU SEBE. 
2018 January:
·           Project meeting for SEMI project was held in SDU Esbjerg. 
·           Project advisory board meeting for SEMI project was held in SDU Esbjerg.

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