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Publikationer fra de seneste 5 år

Peer-reviewed original papers:

1. Amin DN, Rottenberg M, Thomsen AR, Mumba D, Fenger C, Kristensson K, Büscher P, Finsen B, Masocha W (2009) Expression and role of CXCL10 during the late encephalitic stage of experimental and clinical African trypanosomiasis. J Inf Dis. In press.

2. Lambertsen KL, Clausen BH, Babcock A, Gregersen R, Fenger C, Nielsen HH, Haugaard LS, Wirenfeldt M, Nielsen M, Dagnaes-Hansen F, Bluethmann H, Færgeman NJ, Meldgaard M, Deierborg T, Finsen B (2009) Microglia protect neurons against ischemia by synthesis of tumor necrosis factor. J Neurosci. 29:1319-1330.

3. Nielsen M, Lambertsen KL, Clausen BH, Meldgaard M, Diemer NH, Zimmer J, Finsen B. Nuclear Translocation of endonuclease G in degenerating neurons after permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice. Exp Brain Res. 194:17-27.

4. Christensen JE, Simonsen S, Fenger C, Sørensen MR, Moos T, Christensen JP, Finsen B, Thomsen AR (2009) Fulminant lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus-induced inflammation of the CNS involves a cytokine-chemokine-cytokine-chemokine cascade. J Immunol. 182:1079-1087.

5. Clausen BH*, Lambertsen KL*, Babcock AA, Holm T, Dagnaes-Hansen F, Finsen B (2008) Interleukin-1β and tumor necrosis factor-a are expressed by different subsets of microglia and macrophages after ischemic stroke in mice. J Neuroinflam. 5:46 (18 pp). *Shared 1st authorship.

6. Dissing-Olesen L, Thaysen-Andersen M, Meldgaard M, Højrup P, Finsen B (2008) The function of the human interferon-beta 1a glycan determined in vivo. J Pharm Exp Ther 326:338-347.

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9. Dissing-Olesen L, Ladeby R, Nielsen HH, Toft-Hansen H, Dalmau I, Finsen B (2007) Axonal lesion-induced microglial proliferation and microglial cluster formation in the mouse. Neurosci 149:112-122.

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12. Wirenfeldt M, Dissing-Olesen L, Babcock AA, Nielsen M, Meldgaard M, Zimmer J, Azcoitia I, Leslie RGQ, Dagnæs-Hansen F, Finsen B (2007) Population control of resident and immigrating microglia by mitosis and apoptosis. Am J Pathol 171:17-31.

13. Babcock AA, Wirenfeldt M, Holm T, Nielsen HH, Dissing-Olesen L, Toft-Hansen H, Millward J, Landmann R, Rivest S, Finsen B, Owens T (2006) Toll-like receptor 2 signalling in response to brain injury: an innate bridge to neuroinflammation. J Neurosci 26:12826-12837.

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16. Fenger C, Drøjdahl N, Wirenfeldt M, Sylvest L, Jørgensen OS, Meldgaard M, Lambertsen K, Finsen B (2006) Tumor necrosis factor or its TNFp55 and -p75 receptors are not required for axonal lesion-induced microgliosis in mouse fascia dentata. Glia 54:591-605.

17. Lyck L, Jelsing J, Jensen PS, Lambertsen KL, Pakkenberg B, Finsen B (2006) Immunohistochemical visualization of neurons and specific glial cells in the porcine neocortex for stereological application. J Neurosci Meth 152:229-242.

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27. Lambertsen KL, Gregersen R, Meldgaard M, Clausen BH, Heibøl EK, Ladeby R, Knudsen J, Frandsen Aa, Owens T, Finsen B (2004) A role for interferon-gamma in focal cerebral ischemia in mice. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 63:942-955.

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Book chapters and review papers

1. Wirenfeldt MW, Dissing-Olesen L, Babcock AA, R. Ladeby, Jensen MB, Owens T, Finsen B (2007) Microglial cell population expansion following acute neural injury. In: “Interaction between neurons and glia in aging and diseases” (eds Malva J, Cunha R, Oliveir CR), Springer, pp. 37-52.

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3. Ladeby R, Wirenfeldt M, Fenger C, Dissing-Olesen L, Dalmau I, Finsen B (2005) Microglial cell population dynamics in injured adult CNS. Brain Res Rev 48:196-206

4. Wirenfeldt M, Ladeby R, Dalmau I, Finsen B (2005) Mikroglia - Biologi og Klinisk Relevans. Ugeskrift for Læger, 167:3025-3030.

5. Finsen B, Gregersen R, Lehrmann E, Lovmand S and West MJ (2004) In situ hybridization. In: Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience - A Neuroanatomical Approach (eds Evans SM, Janson AM, Nyengaard JR), Oxford University Press, pp 115-145.

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