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Associate Professor Morten Gjerstorff


  Associate professor Morten Gjerstorff
  Cancer and Inflammation Research
  Phone +45 21261563
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Research interests

Improving immunotherapy of breast cancer

The mortality rate among women with metastatic breast cancer remains high, but breakthrough developments with immunotherapy in other cancer types have provided hope for better treatment of this disease. Current evidence suggests that although breast cancer patients are indeed amenable to immunotherapy, improved strategies to enhance the ability of the immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells may be critical for successful immune prevention of breast cancer. Immune T cells can eliminate cancer cells upon recognition of specific abnormalities (i.e. tumor antigens) on their surface, leading us to propose a novel strategy that simultaneously increases tumor antigen levels and the ability of T cells to recognize these antigens. This can be accomplished by treating breast cancer patients with drugs that increase the level and surface presentation of tumor antigens on cancer cells, and introduction of artificial surface molecules (i.e. receptors) on patient T cells to improve recognition of these antigens. Our preliminary results suggest that this may greatly improve the ability of T cells to eliminate breast cancer cells. We are currently testing this strategy in clinically-relevant breast cancer mouse models to define the therapeutic potential and possible side effects.

Methods and techniques 

Lentiviral transduction, T-cell assays, tumor mouse models, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq.

Support received from

Among others:
Det Frie Forskningsråd

Kræftens Bekæmpelse
Velux Fonden
Fonden til Lægevidenskabens Fremme
Dansk kræftforsknings Fond
Novo Nordisk Fonden
Sundheds- og Ældreministeriet
Neye Fonden

Information for students

We are always interested in recruiting new ambitious students for our research projects. If you have an interest in molecular research in cancer or aging, please contact Morten Gjerstorff

Members of the research group 

Besides several master students:
Lab technician Christina Pedersen
Postdoc Sofie Traynor
Postdoc Mette Stæhr
PhD student Mie Jakobsen



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