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Andreas Immanuel Graae

Drone Imaginaries: The Art and Culture of Remote Warfare

My project critically analyzes how drones are represented in the aesthetic field as a so-called “drone imaginary”. It explores how this imaginary reflects radical changes in the history of warfare and violence – and, in particular, how the drone imaginary intersects with the visual technologies of the early 20th Century (emerging around WW1) creating a physical as well as psychological distance between soldier and target that anticipates the “voyeuristic intimacy” of contemporary drone warfare. The drone imaginary is analyzed through a set of significant aesthetic forms appearing in literature, art and cinema as representations of drones or drone-like mechanisms and swarms – for instance, in the works of Ernst Jünger and in contemporary visual art and popular culture (such as the tv-show Homeland and recent drone war films).

Sidst opdateret: 18.08.2020