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#Mød forskeren

Alessandra Cenci

Values and knowledge: the case of health analysis and policy

The project aims to re-define the role of different kinds of values for science in democratic settings and precisely, establish a profitable interplay between epistemic and non-epistemic values in health analysis and policy. Specific contributions should be: a) justify the inclusion of non-epistemic values (ethical/social ideals) as internal constituents of ‘scientific knowledge’; b) Identify and justify a decision method to select ‘objectively good’ ethical/social values or ideals for science in democratic deliberative procedures; c) Applying above philosophical analyses to a concrete case-study namely to investigate the foundations of recently developed/applied methods and models in economic evaluation for health and healthcare as well as to develop a framework for expertise or public policy making in Public Health (e.g. to allocate “scarce” resources for health and healthcare both efficiently and fairly). This is expected to improve concepts, methods as well as virtuous practices in the view of superior societal outcomes (e.g. health equity-oriented public policy making and health justice).

Sidst opdateret: 18.08.2020