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Due to earlier retirement than expected, Niels Bonderup Dohn joins the project group instead of Helene Sørensen. The shift of staff implies a reformulation of the sub-study described June 2010 in Project description, Appendix 1, Section 4.8. The shift and reformulation is accepted 24th May 2011 by Det Frie Forskningsråd i Kultur og Kommunikation. The reformulated title and description follow below:

4.8 Subject skills and writing in biology, biotechnology, chemistry and mathematics (Lindenskov, Dohn)

The sub-study is a comparative examination of the contribution from science and mathematics to developing the study competence of gymnasium students. The international literature documents that a teaching focus on writing is crucial for students’ academic benefit (Morgan 1998, Quinn 2009, Shreyer et al. 2010), and that the greatest benefit can be seen by focusing simultaneously on reasoning and writing (Cross 2009). When Danish 15-year-olds demonstrate weak knowledge about planning and conducting experiments compared with students in other countries (PISA 2006), this can be linked with the fact that experiments in natural science teaching are not processed in writing. When the performance of Danish 15-year-olds in mathematical literacy is correspondingly relatively weakest in ‘changes and contexts’ that require high levels of representation and reflection (PISA 2003), it is a plausible assumption that it relates to the one-sided nature of mathematical assignments at primary school. In both subjects this presents the gymnasium with particular challenges.

The data of this sub-study come from sub-study 4.1 The development of writing identity in six students in their gymnasium study courses. The data comprise assignment instructions, written production and teacher feedback, teaching observations, and student interviews. Dohn focuses on students’ development of subject and writing skills in biology and chemistry. Lindenskov focuses on students’ development of subject and writing skills in mathematics and in (mathematics in) biotechnology. Students’ development will be analysed on procedural, declarative and identity level.

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