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Dominique Routhier: Picasso’s Drone
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Dominque Routhier: Review essay about Smart Machines and Service Work in Los Angeles Review of Books

Drone imaginaries. The power of remote vision
Edited by Andreas Immanuel Graae and Kathrin Maurer
Manchester University Press, 2021
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Lee-Morrison, L.  (2021). Drone. In N. B. Thylstrup, D. Agostinho, A. Ring, C. D'Ignazio & K. Veel [Eds.], Uncertain Archives: Critical Keywords for Big Data (pp. 179-189). Cambridge: MIT Press. 

Dominique Routhier, “Full Automation in its Infancy: The Situationist Avantgarde Book Fin de Copenhague” in The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics (Vol 29 No 60 2020)

The Senses and Society.
Theme issue: The Sensorial Experience of the Drone
The members of the DFF project on Drone Imaginaries and Community as well as the DFF research network on Drones and Aesthetics are happy to present their latest theme issue The Sensorial Experience of the Drone published in the journal The Senses and Society. The articles in the journal seek to explore the drone as medium beyond visual sensing focusing on embodied, auditive, kinetic modes of sensing within the realm of aesthetics (art, film, literature). Contributors: Daniela Agostinho, Kristin Veel, Kathrin Maurer, Svea Braeunert, Steen Ledet Christiansen, Maximilian Jablonowski, Rasmus Gahrn-Andersen, Yasco Horsman, Rikke Munch Petersen, and Andreas Immanuel Graae.
The Senses and Society: “The Sensorial Experience of the Drone” Volume 15, Issue 3 (2020):

Games of Drones 
New Anthology about Drones

In German and English. Publications are based on conference about drones in the Zeppelin Museum in 2019. Chapter by Kathrin Maurer about the aerial view of drones.
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Achille Mbembe: Den brutale kapitalismes tænker
Publication on Achille Mbembe’s work with a drone-related perspective about the reorganization of modern warfare by Dominque Routhier. 
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The Sensorium of the Drone
Theme Issue with The Senses and Society, edited by Daniela Agostinho, Kathrin Maurer, Kristin Veel (forthcoming September 2020)

Drone Imaginaries and Communities
Manchester University Press, edited by Andreas Immanuel Graae and Kathrin Maurer (forthcoming 2021)

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