The Actor-Reality Construction 15.-17. oktober

Call for papers on pragmatic constructivism and construction of organised reality

The purpose of the conferences on actor-reality construction  is to exchange  research  ideas and contributions  to  deepen  insight  into  the  problems  and  possibilities  of  constructing social  human practices and strengthen the output of research articles and books.  We welcome submissions within any  topics  that  provide  insight  into  the  construction  of  (dys-)functional  practices.  However, responding to the dynamics of the present social conditions, the conference will address issues of human  values,  markets,  measurement,  digitalisation,  and  learning,  as  well  as  the  role  of  live communication that enables organisational practices to cope meaningfully with these issues.

Specifically, the conference will illuminate the impact of different forms of communicative practices, including practices of accounting, management, marketing, ethics, teaching, research, innovation, human cultivation, social interaction, etc. and the role AI-languages and systems may play or are already  playing  in  such  practices.  A  major  concern  is  the  soundness,  ethics  and  the  role  of communicative practices in organisations - i.e. the language games used in practice - in creating or negating intelligent learning- and value-oriented organisations. The possible subject areas of the desired  submissions  include  (but  are  not  limited  to)  the following:  learning  processes,  costing, performance    measurement,    organisational    
processes,    pedagogic,    psychology,    sociology methodology, and communication.

The conference invites three categories of contributions: i) Full papers, ii) Abstracts and iii) PhD- projects. There will be enough time for in-depth discussions and reflections among the participants, which will hopefully develop their thoughts and paper writings further.

Invited Speakers – to be announced

About pragmatic constructivism and actor-reality construction

Pragmatic constructivism conceives reality as a complex set of constructs created by the actors in interaction  with  their  environment.  Interacting  with  others  and  ‘things’  in  the  world through language and actions, actors produce common reality constructs, which are the basis of practice. Pragmatic constructivism offers some conceptual fundamentals for understanding and analysing how actors construct a successful actor-world relationship in a dynamic environment. In particular the  following  are  considered  to  be  conceptual  fundamentals:  practice  constructed  through 
actorship,  language  games and  co-authorship;  four dimensions of  reality –  facts, possibilities, values, and communication – must be integrated in the actor-world relation if the construct is to form a successful basis for effective actions, organisational learning, and an 
integrative learning theory of truth involving a learning circle between proactive truth and pragmatic truth.

The previous conferences have produced various theoretical and empirical contributions within different academic fields.

Submission and contacts to: and

Deadline for submissions: 31st July 2019 Deadline for registration:  31th August 2019 


Fee:      €180,00

Organizing committee:

-     Camilla Kølsen Petersen, SDU, Denmark,
-     Michael Paulsen, SDU, Denmark
-     Hanne Nørreklit, Aarhus University, Denmark,

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