Contextual Ethics 14. - 15. november

The workshop is held November 14-15 2019, University of Southern Denmark.

Workshop I: Developing Frameworks for Contextual Approaches to Ethics

The workshop is held November 14-15 2019, University of Southern Denmark.

Context has become central in contemporary moral philosophy in two distinct ways. Firstly, in the popularity of ’bottom-up’ approaches to a large range of topics such as hope, human nature and moral change. Philosophers engage history, anthropology, literature, and empirical research in order to investigate and answer their questions (e.g. Nussbaum 1990; Lear 2006; Appiah 2008, 2010).

Secondly, ‘context’ becomes central in the developing meta-ethical stance, we have coined ‘contextual ethics’, found in the work of moral philosophers such as Cora Diamond, Alice Crary and Margaret Urban Walker. A recurring theme in their work is that ‘the ethical’ cannot be exhaustively captured theoretically but is inherently open and interwoven with numerous aspects of human life. This gives context ethical prominence. We can formulate moral rules of thumb such as ‘Do not lie’ and develop general moral frameworks, and these principles and frameworks can be better or worse guides in moral life. But we can never deduce from the rule, what we ought to do in any given situation. This will always depend on the particular case and context. This insight has important consequences for work in moral philosophy.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss how to integrate contextual concerns into moral philosophy and develop adequate theoretical frameworks for research on contextualized ethics.

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Keynote speakers: 

Alice Crary, Oxford University – New School of Research 
Julia Hermann, Eindhoven University of Technology
Hans Fink, University of Aarhus 
Oskari Kuusela, University of East Anglia


Anne-Marie S. Christensen, SDU
Cecilie Eriksen, AU

This is the first workshop in a series of three. The workshops are funded by: NOS-HS







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