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Asger Nørlund Christensen

"The Golden Century", that is, the period from the late 16th century to the last part of the 17th century gave the Netherlands an economic prosperity that made them Europe's center for shipping, finance, the arts and sciences. This prominent position was reached through a sea-based trade with Eastern and Western Europe and the Far East. Maritime trade developed a unique maritime culture, parts of which were taken over by other nations.

The project is to investigate how and to what extent a maritime cultural exchange took place between the Danish Conglomerate state and the Netherlands and how this exchange played a role in the development of the maritime culture in the realms of the Danish king?
These questions will be clarified through a study of how migration of seafarers and other maritime workers influenced the cultural exchange between the Danish Conglomerate state and the Netherlands. I will also examine how and why various Dutch maritime technologies was taken over and used in the Danish Conglomerate state and how such material cultural manifestations were parts of this cultural exchange.

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Sidst opdateret: 12.09.2016