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SmartPLS Pre-Conference Workshop

Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) presented 3 by Nicole Richter and Christian M. Ringle at the 2019 Academy of International Business (aib) conference, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

This workshop provides an introduction to advanced issues in PLS-SEM, focusing on ways to interpret and assess structural model results. Specifically, the workshop will - after a recap of standard guidelines of structural model assessment and interpretation - discuss the importance-performance map analysis (IPMA). In addition to looking at the importance of constructs in explaining other constructs in the structural model, this analysis takes the performance of each construct into account. Therewith, it enriches the model interpretation by enabling a prioritization of managerial actions along both, importance and performance. Furthermore, it will cover prediction-oriented assessment of PLS-SEM results by using the blindfolding and PLSpredict methods. This will also involve the prediction-oriented model selection. Practical applications and the use of the software SmartPLS 3 are an integral part of the workshop.

Course Instructor:
- Nicole F. Richter, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
- Christian M. Ringle, TUHH Technische Universität Hamburg (Germany) and Waikato Management School, New Zealand.

Redaktionen afsluttet: 25.06.2019