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Sapere Aude Grant to Pantelis Pipergias Analytis

The Sapere Aude (‘Dare to Know’) DFF-Starting Grant is aimed at providing excellent young researchers an opportunity to develop and strengthen their research ideas and competencies as independent research leaders of other researchers. This year Independent Research Fund Denmark received 356 applications and awarded 41 grants with about 6 mio. each.

Pantelis Pipergias Analytis from the SOD unit at Business & Management is one of the grant holders with the project Ranking-based Cumulative Advantage – which he in few words describes like this: “In a wide range of social and technological systems, the rank already established by options or individuals relative to a quantity of interest (e.g. status, clicks, sales) can confer an unfair advantage at the cost of less visible ones of equal or better quality.

In this project, we will use our theoretical framework, to both demonstrate the problems that emerge in systems with ranking-based cumulative advantage, and suggest strategies (e.g. algorithms or policies) for addressing their flaws, thus paving the way for building more fair and efficient social and technological systems in the future.”

Read more about Pantelis and the project here:

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