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Seminar med gæsteforelæser Leopold Ringel

Seminar den 17. september med titlen “Organizational Transparency? The strange case of the Pirate Party of Germany”

Vi har inviteret Leopold Ringel, en lovende ung forsker fra University of Bonn, til at komme og præsentere sit paper med titlen “Organizational Transparency? The strange case of the Pirate Party of Germany”.

Seminaret finder sted torsdag den 17 september kl. 10.30 - 11.30mødelokalet på 1. sal hos institut for Marketing & Management.

Alle er velkomne.

Transparency often fails to yield those positive effects placed upon it by advocates. Common answers refer to micro or macro structural explanations and generally take a reformist approach: The message is that if such measures to render organizations more open are pushed far enough, they will eventually succeed. By taking into account the fact that organizations usually try to control and ‘massage’ the information they convey, a structural friction between the institutionalized ideal and its practicability at the organizational level can be observed. From a reformist stance the Pirate Party of Germany, a party deeply committed to full-fledged trans-parency and willing to apply it to itself, is ripe for study. In a qualitative case study I examined the parliamentary group of the Pirate Party of North Rhine-Westphalia which has been elected into office in 2012. My focus is on how it put transparency into practice and how it dealt with the various unintended and dysfunctional side-effects. Within the first couple of months representatives reduced unfiltered transparency in a step-by-step manner in order to gain control over the information stream from the inside out. In doing so, they were able to (a) stop being exploited by their political rivals and (b) prevent scandalizations by the mass media. All in all, the case of the Pirate Party demonstrates that there are severe limitations to transparency – even when actors inside an organization are deeply committed to this value.

Her kan du læse mere om Leopold Ringel og hans arbejde.



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