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Call for participation, Conference “Businesses and People on the Move 2019”

After the first conferences recognizing diasporans and migrants as economic actors and legitimate participants, we are now moving to the next step and addressing the need for better understanding of the increasingly mobile and interconnected world. As the effects of migration and mobility are becoming an issue on global, national, regional, and local-level moving human- and other capitals to new contexts, we need more work making sense of contemporary businesses, economic development and their connectedness. Currently, International Organization of Migration is reporting positive effects on people’s lives, trade, and cultural exchance, and new opportunities for states, businesses and communities. However, geopolitical tensions, extreme political movements, environmental hazards, conflicts and persecution generate increasing challenges for people to generate livelihoods and grow businesses. Various bottlenecks delimit the employment of the hidden business potential. Numerous scholars have pointed out the need for competitiveness of nation states and business contexts, hence, the notion of “war for talent” has got new people-dimensions beyond the highly-skilled expatriates. Businesses and institutions are now seeking human capital for business in new settings, developing people-import programs in their migration policies. At the same time, tension on migratory corridors are increasing and efforts on preventive measures are growing respectively. In sum, the era of aging populations, especially in the developed word, and the divides between the Global North and the Global South among other global inequalities are generating new underlying dynamics for global business and entrepreneurship. We are looking at a shifting landscape of global business and business actors that has numerous challenges as well as opportunities.

This conference is designed as the meeting place for people who can contribute with their work to research and these debates. The purpose is to generate and share new knowledge, educate diverse stakeholders, disseminate findings and network for future. In line with the spirits of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, we highlight the entrepreneurs and investors as people developing businesses globally. We build an international network supporting scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, associations, education, universities and policymakers to engage in issues facilitating international-global entrepreneurship, inclusion and sustainable development as well as other UN SDGs. We also engage international organizations in these debates and are supported by Dr. Philippe Rudaz, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD .

A boutique conference on Businesses and People on the Move 2019

Time and place: 21-23.11.2019 University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Conference venue: room SKY at the Campus Kollegie building, Odense, SDU Campus
We welcome presentations in person and digitally, over Skype. There is no conference fee.

Conference chair: Maria Elo, Associate professor, University of Southern Denmark, IBE Group

The program is as follows:

Thursday, 21.11.2019
10.00-11.00 Registration and coffee
11.00 Welcome, SDU
11.15 Plenary session, Keynote
12.15 Lunch
13.15- 14.00 Session
14.00-16.00 The Emperor’s New Clothes- On the footpaths of H.C. Andersen and the current issues of migration
19.30- Tasting the results of migration, Get-together at Storms Pakhus, Odense (self-paying)

Friday, 22.11.2019
10.00-10.30 Registration and coffee
10.30-12.30 Session
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.30 Session
15.30-16.00 Coffee break and team building
16.00-16.30 Keynote
16.30-17.00 Project presentations and planning

Saturday 23.11.2019
09.00-10.00 Founding members meeting
10.00-11.00 Session
11.00- 12.30 Lunch and presentation of the plans
12.30-14.00 Presenting two Special Issues, Taking stock of mobile businesses and people, and Farewell

Submission and registration:
Please, submit your presentation and register directly to conference chair Maria Elo

Poster, A2/A3, bring a printed poster with you, but send a digital copy to Maria
WIP paper, 8 minutes presentation with hand-outs, no power point presentation needed
Competitive, full paper, 15 minutes presentation, no hand-outs, but a 2-page long abstract for proceedings and you need to send the full paper to Maria
Online presentation via Skype or Adobe connect, 10 minutes, PPT pre-sent to Maria

All presenters need to send a one pager or a 2-page long abstract of their paper for the proceedings. Indicate all authors and institutions on the title page.

Please, register indicating the following information:
Full name
Participation type: full program, one day only (indicate the day), virtual
Presentation type: Poster, WIP, Competitive, Online
If you need an invitation for your visa application, please, contact Maria

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