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Instituttets seminarer 2017



15 November
in 1A & 1B

Christoph Business School, Department of Business and Politics
Emne: Magteliten - overlappet mellem de centrale institutionelle ordner
Læs mere omChristoph Houman Ellersgaard

4 October 14.00-15.00 in 1A & 1B

Ilan Kelman, University College London, UK.
Topic: Island vulnerability and resilience
More about Ilan Kelman

28 September

in 1A & 1B

Goetz Greve, HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration, Hamburg, Germany
Topic: Effects of Branded Celebrity Posts on Customer Engagement in Social Media
More about Goetz Greve

15 June
12.15-13.15 h

in E2

Brad R. Humphreys, West Virginia University, Department of Economics, Morgantown, USA
Topic: Match Fixing and Sports Betting in Football. Empirical Evidence from the German Bundesliga.
More about Brad R. Humpreys and the Department Seminarand hisWorking Paper

31 May


in 1A & 1B

Lynne Lewis, Elmer W. Campbell Chair from Bates College, Maine,USA

Topic: River Restoration and Hedonic Property Value Analyses: Guidance for Effective Benefit Transfer.
More informationabout the seminar. Read also theAbstract

2 May

13-14 h

in 1A & 1B

Søren Skaarup, PhD, Senior Consultant Business Technology, Rambøll

Preliminary title:

The Mediation of Authority- How citizens perceive and engage the mediations of the Bureaucratic Service Encounter and changes in its mediation matrix


5 April 17

10-12 h

in 1A & 1B

Professor Christian Wellbrock(University of Cologne).

Christian is a leading media economist and will give a presentation called “The Impact of National Culture on Mobile Commerce Adoption and Usage Intensity



The usage of mobile commerce increases around the world. However, little is known about why adoption and usage of mobile commerce services differ across countries. We address this question by analyzing the impact of national culture on mobile commerce adoption and usage intensity. Using a dataset that comprises individual consumer survey data from 43 countries across six continents and country-level data on Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions, we study cross-cultural adoption and usage patterns pertaining three mobile commerce services, i.e. mobile banking, mobile shopping and mobile payment. Our results show that adoption and usage intensity are indeed affected by different cultural dimensions. Specifically, the adoption of mobile commerce services is negatively influenced by a country’s level of uncertainty avoidance, while consumers’ usage intensity is driven by indulgence. This implies that providers of mobile commerce services need to tailor their market entry and market cultivation strategies accounting for each country’s specific culture.



31 March


in 1A & 1B

Professor Linda Nøstbakken,NHH Norwegian school of economics.
Topic: How do land markets anticipate regulatory change?Evidence from Canadian conservation policy.

21 February


1a& 1b

Prelim title: agriculture from the middle and new innovative development path ways seen in an US perspective

Marcia Ostrom, Associate Professor

School of the Environment

Small Farms and Food Systems Programs

Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources

Washington State University


8 February

15-16 h


Professor Bent Greve, RUC

Topic: ”Den sociale og innovative velfærdsstat”