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Visiting PhD Programme in Consumption Studies

The CCC group is offering outstanding PhD students the opportunity to be a visiting PhD student for 3 to 12months and work in a CCT research group of significant critical mass and diversity. From globalization to ANT, from visual methods to digital worlds, we collect cutting-edge expertise on a broad range of themesby drawing on an interdisciplinary background in anthropology, sociology, art history, and more.

As a visiting PhD student, you will:

• Get a workspace with other doctoral students.

• Be coupled with a member of the faculty, who will be your primary mentor throughout your stay.

• Get an opportunity to present at one of our research seminars.

• Be encouraged to develop a research paper/conference paper/journal article with your mentor

• Profit from dialogue with our team, including (former) editors or AEs of journals such as JCR, CMC
or EJM.

• Be given an opportunity to give guest lectures on your research topic in our CCT-focused classes

• Get to know a community of interesting and friendly people and strengthen your network during
your stay at one of the hubs of the CCT world.

• Explore possibilities to apply for Postdoc funding

• Stay on the beautiful island of Funen and get to know the true meaning of Danish 'hygge'.


How to apply:
Please send us a proposal including a brief (2 page maximum) description of your project, a short CV, as
well as a one page motivation letter stating why you would like to visit University of Southern Denmark,
which members of faculty you would like to work with, and your goals and expectations for your visit.

If you would like to visit in the Spring semester, from February to May, please apply no later than October
1st the previous year.

If you would like to visit in the Fall semester, from September to December, please apply no later than April
1st the previous year.

In the event that you need an acceptance letter in order to apply for funding at your institution, you are
welcome to apply in a year in advance.

Send your application to
Associate Professor Niklas Woermann,