Ulrich Steiner, Associate Prof., Center on Population Dynamics


My research focuses on evolutionary population dynamics, aging and life history-evolution. I am interested how the environment, the genetics, and random events influence the lives of individuals and how these individual outcomes then determine changes at the population level. To achieve this I am developing demographic models and test these using longitudinal data collected in the wild or a simple bacteria system. I also work on human aging using citizen science projects to evaluate perceived age (how old you look) as a biomarker of aging. 


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Population biology 
Evolutionary demography
Theoretical biology

Examples of recent bachelor projects 

- Evolution of antibiotic resistance in a competitive environment. (bachelor, Pharmacy, 2018)
- Interspecific competition on artificial nest box use between the common dormouse and the yellow necked mouse. (Masters, biology 2018)
-Single cell studies of antibiotic persistence in E.coli (Masters, biology 2017)

Suggestion for coming bachelor projects (Biology): 

Your interest in a subject is more important than what I suggest, so if you are generally interested in the topics I work on please stop by the office and we can see what you could potentially do.


- Population dynamics in bacteria; scaling individual to population level processes. 
- Where do all the differences come from? Variability in fitness components.


- How old do I look and how am I biologically? Biomarkers of aging in humans. 


- Luck or no luck. Distinguishing chance and inherent differences among individuals.

Bachelor and MSc projects which are available:

    • Examples of bachelor and MSc projects that furture students can sign up for. Give a very short description of the projects and a time span where that project can be done.

Contacts to external companies and possible Internships

I have an extensive international network of scientific collaborators. Including various running exciting field projects. I have less contacts to industry partners. 


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