Laura Bristow, Nordcee


My research focuses on the path­ways, in­ter­ac­tions and en­vir­on­mental reg­u­la­tion of mi­cro­bial pro­cesses that con­trol oceanic nu­tri­ent cyc­ling. I am particularly interested in the oceans oxygen minimum zones, where oxygen has been exhausted and microorganisms switch to anaerobic metabolisms. Oxygen minimum zones are of particular interest as they are predicted to expand and increase in frequency as a result of global warming and human perturbations. This research is carried out through a combination of field work, experimental work in the laboratory using biogeochemical and micro / molecular biology methods. 


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Microbial ecology
Biogeochemical cycles
Marine environment 
Oxygen minimum zones 


Potential Projects:

    • Nitrogen cycling in Mariager Fjord 
    • Alternative substrates: stand out from the crowd!  
    • Nutrient controls on primary production in aquatic systems 

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