Glenn Wilson, Associate Professor, Ecology research group

Research area:

My overall research interests are in the population ecology of aquatic species, but particularly fish.  In recent years, I have worked in both freshwater and marine environments, from Australia to southern and north-eastern Africa, to Denmark. With fish population ecology, I am particularly interested in the early life history portion of the life cycle – the larval and early juvenile stages. The abundances of older stages are often determined by factors occurring during early life history, and my current research focuses on how processes such as early growth rates and patterns of development throughout the larval and early juvenile period might play a role in this regard.  Much of my work along these lines is aged-based – whereby we estimate the age of individual fish from counting the daily growth rings in their otoliths (pictures top-right).

Another area that I am currently working on is the spread and impact of the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostoma) which has been spreading throughout the Baltic Sea since 1990. Anecdotal reports suggest that these fish are impacting other fish and shrimps, and we need good descriptions of their distribution and abundance, habitat preferences, diet, and growth rates.


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Fish ecology, Early life history, Population ecology, Age and growth

Examples of previous bachelor and MSc projects (year):

I currently have ISA and Bachelor project students working on the ecology of nearshore fishes around Fyn, including on the distribution and impact of the invasive round goby.

Bachelor and MSc projects which are available:

The following project ideas could be developed for either undergraduate or Masters students:
    • Larval development in various fish species – how long does the larval phase last and how long does it take to finish developing the juvenile body form?
    • Variation in recruitment and early growth of species such as the sand goby?
    • Life history variation in the invasive round goby

I am always happy to consider other projects ideas if you have them too.

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