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Magnus Wahlberg

The abilities of marine birds to hear underwater are not well studied. Here we focus on studying thehearing abilities in air and underwater auks, such as guillemots, puffins and razorbills, and use this data topredict the hearing abilities also of other birds, such as the marbled murrelet. All these species are highlyaquatic and pursue fish while hunting underwater. Studies are made both on birds held in captivity(psychophysics) at the Marine Biological Research Center in Kerteminde, and in the field (using ABR) inIceland. Insights into their hearing abilities will help us better understanding which senses they use whileforaging, and how they may be affected by human-induced sounds.






Provider: ONR (Office of Naval Research)/ The University of Iceland
Total amount of grant: 558.100 (88.000 $)
Period: 1.9.17 – 31.8.19

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