Lasse Jakobsen

Bats are agile fliers and some species reportedly fly up to and above 1000 meters altitude, yet our in-depthknowledge of bat echolocation in the field is restricted to within ~30 meters of the ground. We thus havelimited to no knowledge of how bats operate their sonar in > 95% of the vertical space they utilize. In thisproject we will study the active space of echolocating bats throughout their natural habitat by combining thelatest in drone technology and bioacoustics microphone array techniques. Utilizing a multi-drone platform,we will access these hitherto unexplored habitats and dynamically and semi autonomously track and followbats as they move through their environment. The project will afford us valuable insight into perceptionthrough echolocation and provide a novel platform for acoustic field monitoring in general.

Provider: FNU
Total amount of grant: 2.033.280,00 DKK
Period: 01-01-2019 - 31-12-2021

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