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  • Common sense and safety should be in focus at all times
  • Don’t plan snorkeling activities in navigation channels
  • A thorough practical plan for the snorkeling activity at the specific site must be prepared
  • Never snorkel alone and stay close to each other
  • Use the diver flag when you are in the water so other boats are able to recognize your activity

The snorkeler must be comfortable with:

  • The snorkeling location- study the navigation map for the area for obstructions and limitations
  • All planned tasks (and involved tools)
  • Equipment
  • Environmental and physical conditions (current, water level, temperature, visibility)
  • Physical limitations (do not push breath holding time, deep dives, etc.)
  • Emergency plans must be in place and known by all involved personnel (a charged mobile phone,
    emergency number, first aid kit, etc.)

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