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Læs mere om Global Sundhed

Temanumre og oversigtsartikler om global sundhed

Oxford Journals: Health Policy and Planning
Health Policy and Planning blends such individual specialities as epidemiology, health and development economics, management and social policy, planning and social anthropology into a lively academic mix that constantly stimulates and keeps readers abreast of international health care, focusing on issues of particular relevance to low and middle income countries

The Solid Facts. Wilkinson R, Marmot M. Copenhagen: World Health Organization, 2003.
Gennemgår de vigtigste faktorer i social sundhed

Applying an equity lens to child health and mortality: more of the same is not enough. Victora CG, Wagstaff A, Schellenberg JA, Gwatkin D, Claeson M, Habicht JP. Lancet 2003; 362: 233–41.

"New Global Health” A Reversal of Logic, History and Principles. Katz A.

From Alma Ata to the Global Fund: The History of International Health Policy. Italian Global Health watch. 

PLoS medicine: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal
Temanummer om global sundhed og fattigdom

Council of Science Editors. Global theme issue
Liste over alle tidskrifter, der udgav temanumre om global sundhed i oktober 2007 med links direkte til open access artikler

World mapper - The Human Anatomy of a Small Planet. Dorling D (pdf)
Et projekt, hvor ulighed vises som verdenskort

The Millennium Development Goals (FNs 2015-mål)

Millennium Development Goals. United Nations Development Group

The Millennium Project: a plan for meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Sachs JD, McArthur JW. Lancet 2005; 365:347–53.

Countdown to 2015: will the Millennium Development Goal for child survival be met? Joy E Lawn, Anthony Costello, Charles Mwansambo and David Osrin

Klima og global sundhed

Reducing the impact of climate change. WHO.

Hot-spots in climate and health. Pats JA, Kovats RS.

Fattigdom og udvikling 

Poverty and Human Development
JAMA-temanummer om global sundhed

Which Single Intervention Would Do the Most to Improve the Health of Those Living on Less Than $1 Per Day? Poverty and Human Development
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