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Partitioning of Drugs in Membranes

Vejleder: Himanshu Khandelia


For bioavailability, synthetic drugs and several natural therapeutic molecules (such as the spice components curcumin and piperidine) have to partition into the lipid bilayer membrane.  At the same time, these small molecules affect the properties of membrane proteins by modulating lipid bilayer properties.

Students working on this project will use molecular dynamics simulations to predict partitioning coefficients of small drugs and small molecules, and investigate, on the molecular level, the interactions of drugs with membranes. Such investigations will help (1) to design drugs with better partition coefficients and (20) determine how some small molecules influence the activity of membrane proteins. The project is suitable for Pharmacy, Chemistry and Nanobioscience students.


Figure 1: Partitioning of the anesthetic propofol investigated using simulations

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