Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis

Vejleder: Christine McKenzie



In a novel approach to new methodologies for high enantiomeric excess syntheses we will use the spontaneous crystallization of pro-chiral precursors in chiral crystalline space groups. Thus the crystal phase and not the molecule will be the source for product enantiopurity in a subsequent reaction.[1]   


We will create chirality without the use of the chiral auxiliaries normally used in standard solution state reactions. Absolute Asymmetric Syntheses are said to be relevant to the origin of chiral life.


[1] S. Olsson, P. M. Björemark, T. Kokoli, J. Sundberg, A. Lennartson, C. J. McKenzie and M. Håkansson, Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis: Protected Substrate Oxidation, Chemistry, Eur. J. 2015, 21, 5211-5219.