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Modeling Radiation Damage and Repair of Complex Biomolecular Systems

Vejleder: Peter Jensen Husen

Exposing a living cell to radiation can lead to damage in the DNA structure. One type of such damage is single strand breaks, when covalent bonds in one of the DNA strand rupture. Multiscale modelling provides the methodology by which such chemical transformations in complex molecular structures could be studied. The project will deal with validation of multiscale modelling for the quantitative evaluation of radiobiological effects on the molecular, cellular, multi-cellular and biological levels.

The student will be involved in development and utilization of the reactive force field to quantitatively describe interactions between ionizing radiation with biological medium. This development will root upon the so-called molecular mechanics approach but will account for random, rapid, local, quantum transformations of the molecular system caused by its irradiation. The consideration will be made for irradiations with charged particles and photons (X-rays), and applied for the investigation of the irradiation driven modifications of biomolecular systems.


More information about the project available at the Quantum Biology and Computational Physics website:

This project is relevant for physics og chemistry.