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Pharmaceutical Polymorphism

Vejleder: Christine McKenzie 


Many compounds, and for that matter, elements (think of diamond and graphite) exist in polymorphic crystalline phases. These can display different physical properties like melting point and solubility. In pharmaceutical development these properties are important to understand and affect formulation. A crystal phase is determined using X-ray diffraction methods available at FKF.

This bachelor project involves setting up the hardware and software of a single crystal melting stage and light camera for viewing single crystals as they are heated.  You will then determine single crystal melting points for selected compounds and correlate these with crystal structure features like intermolecular H-bonding interactions. You will also crystallize some of these compounds.

Co-supervisor: Judith Kuntsche

A. J. Cruz-Cabeza, S. M. Reutzel-Edensb and J. Bernstein, Facts and fictions about polymorphism, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2015, 44, 8619.

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