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UCL/SDU Collaborative Symposium

Treatment and Wellbeing in an Ageing Society

Disciplinary intersections between Literature, Art and Health' is jointly organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies and Grand Challenges at UCL, “Uses of Literature: The Social Dimension of Literature” and the Danish Aging Research Center.

This symposium brings together researchers from multiple disciplines including Public Health, Biosciences, Art and Literature. Gathering cross-disciplinary knowledge, the symposium will explore the differing, but cross-fertilizing meanings pertaining to disciplinary understandings of treatment and the challenges related to wellbeing in ageing societies.

Date and time

March 13-15, 2019.


IAS Forum
Ground floor, South Wing, UCL
London, UK 


Funded by IAS, Grand Challenges Human Wellbeing and SELCS.

About the symposium



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