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Centre for Journalism 2016 ICA presentations

The Centre for Journalism was strongly represented also at this year’s Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, held in Fukuoka, Japan.

The following staff members participated: Kim Andersen, Jakob Ohme, Arjen van Dalen, Morten Skovsgaard, David Hopmann + Claes de Vreese. (Erik Albæk had to cancel his attendance). Below are the presentations given by the Centre for Journalism community. The full conference programme can be viewed here (henvisning til

Jakob Ohme, Erik Albæk & Claes de Vreese. Old concept with new power: Why digital and unconventional activities can be political participation. 
Christian Elmelund-Præstekjær, David Hopmann & Morten Skovsgaard. The dilemmas of using exemplars in news reporting.  
Jakob Ohme, Erik Albæk & Claes de Vreese. The Power to mobilize: The effects of first-time voters’ political social-media use on electoral behavior. Kim Andersen, Erik Albæk & Claes de Vreese. How News Type Matters: Indirect effects on political participation through knowledge and efficacy.
Kim Andersen, Erik Albæk & Claes de Vreese. Measuring media diet in high-choice environment: Testing the list-frequency technique. 
Arjen van Dalen, Roza Berganza & Morten Skovsgaard & Nina Elvira Steindl. Journalistic trust in public institutions. 
Claudia Mellado & Arjen van Dalen. Challenging the citizen-consumer dichotomy: A news content analysis of audience approaches in Chilean Journalism. 
Antonis Kalegeropoulos & David Hopmann. Interpersonal discussions and immigration attitudes. 
David Hopmann. A conditional model of political discussion: Anger, informal political talk, and the perceived opinion climate. 
Morten Skovsgaard & Adam Shehata. Opportunity structures for selective exposure: Investigating selective exposure and learning in Swedish election campaigns. 
Thomas Hannitzsch, Arjen van Dalen & Nina Elvira Steindl.  The erosion of trust in the press as ‘spill-over’ effect: A comparative and longitudinal analysis. 
Kim Andersen. The engaging effect of exemplars. 
Frank Esser, Agnieszka Magdalene Stepinska, Adam Mickiewicz & David Hopmann. Populism through and by the media.