Publikationer 2013

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  • Jebril, Nael, Claes de Vreese, Erik Albæk & Arjen van Dalen (2013). "The Effects of Human Interest and Conflict News Frames on the Dynamics of Political Knowledge Gains: Evidence from a Cross-national Study". Scandinavian Political Studies. (Online version February 27, 2013).
  • Jebril, Nael, De Vreese, Claes, Van Dalen, Arjen and Albaek, Erik (2013). The effects of human interest and conflict news frames on the dynamics of political knowledge gains: Evidence from a cross-national study. Scandinavian Political Studies, 36(3): 201-26.
  • Skovsgaard, Morten and Van Dalen, Arjen (2013). The fading public voice: The polarizing effect of commercialization on political and other beats and its democratic consequences. Journalism Studies 14(3): 371-86.
  • Skovsgaard, Morten and Van Dalen, Arjen (2013). Dodging the gatekeepers? Social media in the campaign mix during the 2011 Danish elections. Information, Communication and Society, 16(5): 737-56.

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