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Afholdte kandidateksamener


6. februar - Kandidateksamen  - Sarah Mujinga Kateta
Glatiramer Acetate: Mechanisms of action post-stroke.

4. februar - Kandidateksamen - Sohail Mohammad Nasseri
Distribution of intrinsic spinal sensory neurons in different animal species.

31. januar - Kandiateksamen - Peter Toft Jensen
Characterization of specific ubiquitin chain types

31. januar - Kandidateksamen - Eva Frederikke Høy Helms 
Factors Affecting Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity in Human Adipose Tissue - a Method Study and an Intervention Study

29. januar - Kandidateksamen - Atenisa Caci
Analysis of sterol transport between cell membranes by Aster proteins

29. januar - Kandidateksamen - Emil Christian Sindberg
Direct Observation and Molecular Characterization of Intracellular Sterol Transport by Aster Proteins

23. januar - Kandidateksamen - Mathilde Jørgensen
Regulation of glucokinase expression in hepatocytes by the glucocorticoid receptor

21. januar - Kandidateksamen - Mikkel K. D. Larsen
Lav eller høj-intens træning i fastende eller ikke-fastende tilstand for fedttab i overvægtige

17. januar  - Kandiateksamen - Emilie Boye Lester
Detection of repeat expansions in the human genome using two different whole genome sequencing approaches.



7. januar - Kvalificerendeeksamen - Mike Krogh Terkelsen

Hepatic tissue plasticity during the development of NASH

6. januar - Kvalificerendeeksamen - Lasse Lethonen
Transcriptional plasticity of the endocrine pancreas during obesity

5. december - Kandidateksamen - Charlotte Kragskov Jensen
Investigation and Staphylococcus Aureus Adhesion to and Invasion of Endothelial Cells during simulated Vascular Infection

14. november - Kandidateksamen - Signe Tschiersch
Effect of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) on dopaminergic differentiation of human neural stem cells

11. november - Kandidateksamen - Safinaz Dursun
 DNAJ proteins, potential suppressors of alpha-synuclein aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease

24. september Kandidateksamen - Silke Griepke Dam Nielsen
Investigation of the effect of soluble tumor necrosis factor on abdominal aortic aneurysm development.

30. august 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Hashmatullah Nasimi
Functional lipidomics studies of sphingolipid metabolism in drug resistant colorectal cancer cell line models.

27. august 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Jonathan Jan Huulvej
Investigation of Serine/Arginine Repetitive Matrix Protein 2’s role in splice mechanism

27. august 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Valentina Dimitrova Hekimova
Clustering framework for single-cell multi-omics data.

20. august 2019- Kandidateksamen - Michael Verner Nielsen
Modifications in Small RNA and Ribosomal RNA of Listeria

15. august 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Sara Gertrud Hoffstedde
Protocol Establishment and use of Flow Cytometry for the characterization of Macrophages and Microglia in gliomas

1. juli 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Kirstine Øster Andersen
Somatic mutations in insulinoma patients with and without MEN1

27. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Magdalena Topolska
Characterizing the regulatory circuitry of global lipid metabolism.

27. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Maja Jeppe Hermansen
Implementation and optimization of a fully automatized pipeline for the analysis of middle-down MS data

27. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Nicklas Peter Madsen
Investigation of the effect of lifestyle intervention on PBMCs and macrophage subpopulations.

27. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Iustinian Olaru
A fully reproducible and user-friendly workflow for the analysis of PTM-omics data.

27. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Anne-Mette Nielsen
Functional investigation of IKZF1 gene variants and their consequences for CVID and T cell.

26. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen  Martin Proks 
Genomic Profiling of a Comprehensive Nation-wide Collection of Childhood Solid Tumors.

25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Mie Drachmann
Improvement of insulin secretion by pancreatic β-cell line INS-1E.
25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Joel Mario Vej-Nielsen
Characterization of cell morphology and function within the inner core of multilayer spheroids.

 25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Magnus Ganer Jespersen
Combining convolutional neural networks and hyperspectral imaging to detect bacteria on meat.

 25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Ane Beth Sloth
Investigation of Pseudoexons as Disease Risk Factors.

25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Rasmus Brygger Andersen
High-throughput screening for helper compounds in combination with conventional antibiotics to treat resistant
25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Nicolai B. Palmstrøm
Classification of Amyloidosis through laser microdissection and mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of clinical biopsies.

25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Helene Kronborg
The function of HTRA1 and MIF on cultured glial cells.

25. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Yanushia Arasu
Delivery Systems for Olfactory Ensheathing Cells Aimed at Bridging Spinal Injury Sites.

24. juni 2019 - Kvalificerende eksamen - Alice Dupont Juhl 
Microscopic Analysis of Niemann Pick C2 Protein in Regulation of Intracellular Membrane Transport.

24. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Mark Lyng
Battle of the Biofilm: Polymicrobial interactions and related genotypes in urine biofilm with E. coli and P. aeruginosa.

24. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Marie-Louise Trinder
Aberrant splicing in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) with special focus on U12 introns.

24. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Josefine Wittendorff Ipsen
Human pseudoexons as vulnerable parts of the transcriptome.

21. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Daniel Larsen
The citrullinome of p. Gingivalis.

21. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Meliha Kesmez
Calreticulin Mutations in Myeloproliferative Neoplams

21. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Pauline Møller
Metabolomics of diet-induced obesity.

21. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Nanna Elman Andersen
Statin-mediated Rho-A inhibition in astrocytes with PARK2 loss-of-function mutation

21. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Jin Haval Khalil
Identification of Kappa and Lambda light chain restriction in B-cell lymphomas using RNA in situ hybridization.

21. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Cesilie Madsen
Development of assays for detection of genetic biomarkers using real-time polymerase chain reaction.

21. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Viktor Hundtofte Mebus
Extending the genetic toolbox – Transcription factor identification by transposon screening & the transcriptional landscape in Streptococcus pneumoniae in infection models

21. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Vigga Sand Laursen
Treatment of Glioblastoma using Auger electron therapy. 

21. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Lise Rosenlund Skov
Dynamic re-localisation of proteoform in space and time

20. juni - Kandidateksamen - Mathilde Madsen
The role of MFAP4 in hypertension.

20. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Simone Johansen
The role of ZBDE1 in trophoblast differentiation and regulation of the trophoblast transcriptome

20. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Helene Juul Belling
Regenerating the zebrafish heart through cardiomyocyte re-establishment.

20. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Sophie Nørgaard Bennedsen
Molecular characterization of SSX2-mediated senescence

20. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Nicoline Dorothea Jakobsen
Characterization of the Development of Keratinocytes into Artificial Skin

19. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Katrine Eriksen
Characterization of human pseudoexons.

19. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Trine Vestergaard Dam
Identification of novel cell types in the liver.

18. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Simon-Aurel Prunean
GeoType: Next Generation Sequencing. Adaptive OptiType precision for MHC

18. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Caroline Alquist Lindegaard
KRAS splice switching oligonucleotide based therapy for lung cancer.

18. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Emilie Grupe
Selective Tumor Necrosis Factor Signaling Affects Blood Pressure Regulation and Vascular Function.

18. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Ahmad Sear Rashidi
Pathway in programmed cell death during brain inflammation: Characterization and mechanisms.

18. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Matthew Thomas Pearson
Gene co-regulation network analysis of DNA methylation patterns in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

18. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Talaha Hussnain
Investigating the mechanism of Paclitaxel induced neuropathy in iPSC derived Schwann cells.

18. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Dea Louise Ravn
Gene co-expression network analysis of acupuncture induced treatment effects on rheumatoid arthritis

17. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Vasiliki Leventeas
Professor Zsolt Illés, BRIDGE, Brain Research - Inter-Disciplinary Guided Excellence

17. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Mie Killerich Jakobsen
Epigenetic enhancement of tumor antigen expression for CAR T-cell Therapy in solid cancers

17. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Josefine Schack
Effect of Guggulsterone on dopaminergic differentiation of somatic hNSCs and IPSC-derived hNSC's: mechanistic investigations

17. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Jette Bach Agergaard
Induction of mitophagy by USP30 inhibitors in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic neurons with and without PARK2 mutation

14. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Anita Silke Gaia Olsen.
Elucidating the role of PrfA in the broader biology of Listeria monocytogenes.

14. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Kasper Lomholt
Identification of pneumococcal genes important for adhesion to and invasion of human epithet.

14. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Nikolaj Vestergaard Hansen
Immune evasion by a small regulatory RNA in Streptococcus pneumoniae.

14. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Emma Holst Bay.
The effect of free fatty acids on the expression of essential virulence factors in Enterococcus faecalis.

14. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Jesper Kirstein Nielsen. 
Mass spectrometry based investigation of transcription-regulating protein complexes in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

14. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Birgyl Veckollari.
Towards Monitoring Chemical Processes Inside Cells and Tissue Models by Electrical Impedance Tomography. 

13. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Karoline Lindgård Mikkelsen.
Identification of chlorination and oxidation sites in tropoelastin and their consequence for protein function.

13. juni 2019 -  Kandidateksamen - Martin Nikolai Frydenlund Schaltz.
Identification of Molecular Pathways Involved in Myoblast Differentiation and Fusion Using Proteomics. 

12. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Rune Øbo
The role of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory factor (MIF) and its binding partner serine-protease HTRA1 in Multiple Sclerosis.

12. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen -  Karina Haupt.
How does the sRNA Rli47 in Listeria monocytogenes alter the expression of multiple genes?

12. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Agnieszka Weronika Adamczyk.
Novel molecular mechanisms of DNA replication checkpoint activation.

12. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Beatriz Alves da Silva Graca.
Role of CK2β in the control of replicative DNA helicases’ expression and activity.

12. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Asvatha Poologarajah Veerasingham.
The effect of conditional ablation of TNFR1 neurons on experimental stroke in mice.

11. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Nhu Do.
Comparison of microRNA profiling platforms to predict clinical outcome in patients with low-risk breast cancer.

11. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Hlynur As Hallgrimsson.
Prognostic miRNAs in lymph node-negative breast cancer patients not receiving systemic adjuvant treatment.

7. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Simone Hjæresen.
The role of MIF and its binding partner HtrA1 in the healthy and injured brain.

7. juni 2019 - kandidateksamen - Cathrine Høyer Christensen.
The effect of Siponimod on glial cells and re-myelination responses in vitro.

6. juni 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Sólja Frida Thorleifsson
Molecular investigation of patients with chronic lymphoblastic leukaemia (CLL) and ibrutinib.

29. april 2019- Kandidateksamen - Lasse Lindvald Nielsen
Does qualitative endothelial dysfunction lead to patient resistance artery smooth muscle de-differentiation?

22. marts 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Shagofta Sayed
Characterization of brain tumors for identification of biomarkers for glioblastoma

21. marts 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Jenani Jeyakumar
Transcriptomic m5C modification profiling in exosomes

18. marts 2019 -Kandidateksamen - Anne With Mikkelsen
MIF and its binding partner HTRA1's role in the murine CNS

8. marts 2019- Kandidateksamen - Gleb Dubnik
Multi-Omics Single-Sample Pathway Enrichment for Subtype Prediction in Cancer

 21. februar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Christina Sylvest Worm 

Characterization of dopaminergic neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells with and without PARK2 mutation: Focus on calcium-regulating mechanisms.

21. februar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Louise Ritter
Role of alpha-synuclein in PARK2-mediated familial Parkinson’s disease

19. februar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Sofie Rattenborg Kristiansen
Characterization of the phenotypes of DNA methyltransferase inhibitor-treated cancer cells

14. februar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Hozan Muhammed Abdullah
Laboratory Screening to prevent spread of vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in hospitals

1. februar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Khaibar Ghulam Hazrat
Effect of FGF1 and on palmitic acid induced insulin resistance in differentiated C2C12 myotubes

31. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Patrick Bjork Richardt
Hemoglobin binding bacterial proteins; investigations of their interference with hemoglobin removal from the blood in the human host

31. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Frederik Haugaard Vrdlovec Holck
Characterization of kidney cancer tumors by mass spectrometry and proteomics

29. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Line Østerby Jørgensen
Ex-vivo effect of cladribine on murine microglial cells

25. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Mathias Sebastian Green
Systematic analysis of anti-virulent properties of fatty acids targeting Listeria monocytogenes

23. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Nelly Bjørnes
The role of myeloid cell secretion of tumor necrosis factor in the development of abdominal aortic aneurysms

23. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Catarina Maria Bento Soares
Neurofilament levels in the serum of patients with Multiple Sclerosis

23. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Tamanna Mohammadi
Dissecting the role of m6A RNA modification in planarian regeneration

23. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Janusa Rasalingam
Identification of mRNA internal N7-Methylguanosine (m7G) modification binding proteins

21. januar 2019 - Kandidateksamen - Bianca Michaela Nicolajsen
Investigation of Cannabidiol's Mechanism of Action as a Helper Compound



21. december 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Jonas Heinrich Vienhues
The contribution of IL-1 to the activation of IL-17-producing gamma delta T cells in stroke

28. september 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Thea Bill Andersen
Filaments revealed: Transcriptome analysis of the virulence-associated morphology of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli

26. september 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ieva Miceikaite
Fine-mapping breakpoints of structural variants by whole genome sequencing

18. september 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Michael Birkerod Hansen
Investigation of Exons which are Vulnerable to Splicing Mutations Employing in silico Analysis, Experimental Testing and RNA Sequencing Data

14. september 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rebecca Rossen Falk
Acetylation of ribosomal RNA by sRNA-guided Kre33 homologues

31. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Nasteco Ahmed Mohamed
Evaluation of Classifier Chaining in Omic Datasets

28. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ida Skovrind
Systematic Review: Large Animal In Vivo Evaluation of Small-Diameter Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts

24. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Annika Hummersgaard Hansen
Probing the structure of α-synuclein by oxidative labeling and mass spectrometry

23. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Julie Sloth Vistisen
The effect of epidermal barrier permeability on energy metabolism

20. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Dagný Elva Hólmarsdóttir
TNF and IL-1β- the good and the bad

4. juli 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Bøttcher Jacobsen
Transcriptome sequencing of blood and heart tissue from sudden unexplained death victims

29. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Kristian Horsman Hansen
The role of the ATP-dependent chromatin remodeler ISWI in regulation of adipocyte and osteoblast differentiation

29. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Christian Furbo Christiansen
Exploring the evolutionary and functional aspect of microbial oxygen sensing in the ocean

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Vivien Tejsi
Modulation of learning and memory by TNF dependent mechanisms

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Anders Christian Nørgaard Hansen
How the complex formation of haptoglobin-hemoglobin lead to high affinity for the receptor CD163

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Sigurd Josef Frederiksen
Structure and proteolytic function of calreticulin

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Christian Engelbrecht Mikkelsen
Analysing mass spectrometric data of chemically cross-linked peptides using bioinformatics

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Cecilie Steensboe Lang
U12 intron splicing in Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Line Julie Lindorf Christensen
Functional role of GR in the hepatic transcriptional repsonse to feeding

27. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Simon Toftholm Jakobsen
Characterizing of aberrant splicing events in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

27. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Maria Høj Hansen
Influence of plasmin on hypertension and kidney fibrosis in diabetes

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Nicoline Kingo Pedersen
Identification and characterization of transcription regulators involved in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Sarah Søndergård Rasmussen
Global proteome analysis of fat depots derived from a MDM2 adipose-specific transgenic mouse model

26.  juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ramanan Vaitheeswaran
Barnes maze assessment of spatial learning and memory in ageing APPswe/PS1ΔE9 mice: Association with β-amyloid, tau, and synaptic pathology

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Maria Victoria Mikkelsen
Investigation of the Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in the Depot-Specific Browning Capacity of White Adipocytes by Utilization of 3D Cell Culturing

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ann-Sophie Seistrup
A Statistical Approach to Pseudoexon Investigation

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Zainab Hikmat
Effects of Insulin Receptor Deficiency on Molecular Pathways Regulating Energy Metabolism

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ema Halimic
Structural comparative analysis of astrocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells with PARK2-mutations versus healthy controls

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Line Frydensberg Petersen
Effect of trefoil factor 3 on dopaminergic differentiation of human neural stem cells: Potential role in Parkinson’s disease

 25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Vanina Kirilova Petrova
Elucidating the role of tight junction proteins in colon cancer Development

25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Wojciech Michalak
Bioinformatics in Proteomics: A web based platform for supervised data analysis focused on protein complexes

25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Annette Rønholt Larsen
Advanced Genetic Investigations in a Girl with Atypical Segmental Hyperinsulinism Using Crispr/Cas9 – A Novel Method for Genome Engineering

25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Tsiamis Vasileios
Wed-based application for visualization of proteins and their post translational modifications (PTMs) based on their quantification

21. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Martin Rask Johansen
A stable isotope labelling approach for analysis of metabolism in metazoans with abnormal lipid storage 

20. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Lisa Skov Baungaard
The significance of sphingolipids in keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation

20. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Mette Elverdam
Targeting B-cell cancer receptors of the tumor necrosis factor superfamily with Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells as treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

20. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Jonas Birk Albinus
PCT-SWATH-MS investigation of epileptogenesis mechanisms in genetic absence epilepsy rat models

20. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Birgitte Villadsen Nielsen
The Effect of Ceruloplasmin on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Preliminary Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells into Mature Myelinating Oligodendrocytes

19. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Nicoline Ostermann Lorenzen
Mineralocorticoid Receptors and their Involvement in Macrophage Polarization During Renal Fibrogenesis

19. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Jacqueline Ann Soucy
Production of monoclonal antibodies against human MBL-associated serine protease-3 (MASP-3)

19. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Holst Jensen
In vitro differentiation of human neural stem cells: Potential role of sugar concentration

19. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Jepsen Skøtt
Investigating Parkinson's Disease pathogenesis using induced pluripotent stem cells

18. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Kamilla Ankær Brejndal
Is HigBA of Caulobacter crescentus a three-component system? Investigation of the role of the putative co-encoded transcription factor CC_3036.

18. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Dominika Marzena Hozakowska-Roszkowska
Integrated functional genomics of cognitive capacity in later life – a study of monozygotic twins

18. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Joseph Dowsett
Genetic Markers of Cognitive Function in Long-Lived Individuals

18. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Cecilie Amalie Brøgger Svane
Astrocytes effect on the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons differentiated from isogenic induced pluripotent stem cells with and without PARK2 mutation

15. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Sofie Emilie Skallerup Larsen
Signal transduction pathways involved in FIBCD1 modulation of immunologic responses

15. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rebecca Rink
Biomarkers in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

15. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Helle Gam-Hadberg
Epidermal junctional complexes in humans and Krt1-/- mice

14. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Nadia Jepsen Bak
Characterization of the Small RNA srn_1080 and its Proposed Mechanism as a Riboswitch in Staphylococcus aureus

13. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Vivien Steffensen
Improving the understanding and prediction of the serious common adverse drug reaction paclitaxel‐induced peripheral

12. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Caroline Frørup
The Role of Cathepsins in Type 1 Diabetes

8. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Pernille Tholund Larsen
Exploring the role of the HssR response regulator in the human pathogen Listeria monocytogenes upon exposure to excessive heme

8. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rebekka Andersen
Exploring the antimicrobial and antivirulence effect of free fatty acids in Enterococcus faecalis

7. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rikke Scheel Thomasen
Exploring the mechanism of how antimicrobial fatty acids inhibit the virulence regulator PrfA in Listeria monocytogenes

18. maj 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Thomas Bue Bitsch
Function and dynamics of the NPC1L1 protein in hepatic cells

4. maj 2018 - kandidateksamen - Kira Stengaard Nielsen
Time dependent supraspinatus muscle inflammation following experimental rotator cuff lesion in a murine model

9. februar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Jonas Skov
The Role of GDNF in Glioblastoma Chemoresistance

8. februar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Charlotte Nygaard Jensen
Transcriptional Effects of the Communication between Macrophages and Adipocytes in Obesity

8. februar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rikke Jensen
Investigation of the Effect of Heme on Two- Component Systems in Enterococcus faecalis

31. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Maria Zeiler Alfsen
Development and characterization of a panel of glioblastoma multiforme patient derived xenograft mouse models for efficacy screening of standard cancer therapies

31. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ulrika Simone Spangsberg Petersen
Pseudoexon Activation in Human Disease-Associated Genes

26. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Camilla Kongerslev Jakobsen
Functional and genomic characterization of cfiA genes in multiresistant Bacteroides fragilis isolates

19. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Kristian Severin Rasmussen
The Influence of Staphylococcal Coagulases and Staphylokinase on the formation of Staphylococcus aureus Bloodstream Biofilms

18. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rikke Braae
Investigation of the Effect of Heme on Two-Component Systems in Enterococus Faecalis

16. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Charlotte Karup Kindt
Proteome Wide Investigation of EGFR Inhibitor Induced Resistance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

16. januar 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Rasmus Grønning
Visualization and Quantitative Analysis of Nuclear Shuttling of Carbohydrate Response Element Binding Protein (ChREBP) in Pancreatic Beta Cells



20. oktober 2017 - kandidateksamen - Peter Carstensen
Protein Interaction of Calreticulin

6. oktober 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Lujitha Suntharalingam
The effect of TNF inhibition by XPro1595 or etanercept on vascular smooth muscle cells in mice

4. oktober 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Tamana Hamid
Molecular complications of increased presence of AGEs in Diabetes

27. september 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Gloria Cimaglia
Effect of Ruta Graveolens on proliferation, differentiation and survival of human neural stem cells  

21. september 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Vesna Sarwari
The use of pig arteries for the study of endothelium-dependent relaxation as a model for resistance arteries from cardiovascular disease patients

29. august 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Daniel Weltz Pedersen
Enabling HDX-MS/MS: An investigation of H/D scrambling assisted by automated data analysis

24. august 2017 - Kvalificerende eksamen - Thøger Jensen Krogh
Express3D - Elucidating the influence of chromosomal architecture on transcriptional regulation and response timing in prokaryotes

22. august 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Cecilie Halkier
The effect of testosterone in insulin-mediated signaling to glucose transport and glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle cells

17. august 2017 - Kvalificerende eksamen - Lise Lolle Christensen
Global identification and characterization of in vivo binding sites for the major splicing regulator hnRNP A/B in human disease genes

25. juli 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Mohammad Adnan Hajjaj
Characterization of CD10+ endomysial cells. Is CD10 a marker for Mesenchymal stem cells in muscle? 

30. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Sunya Fayaz
The role of MASP in contact- and complement system   

30. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Minna Christiansen Lund
The influence of TNF ablation in mesodermally derived cells on mice with spinal cord injury

29. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Helle Frandsen
3D culture of C3A and HMEC1 cells to produce liver organoids  

28. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Karen Birkkjær Bjerrum
Characterization of endogenous and microbial Collectin-LK ligands   

28. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Karina Lindbøg Madsen
Potential role of RNA in media-transferred radiation-induced bystander effect in breast cancer cells  

26. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Signe Krogh Ohlsen  
Exploring the Dynamics of Protein Phosphorylation During Mitosis

 26. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Pernille Buch Larsson
Investigation of TcsA’s effect on growth and virulence in Listeria monocytogenes  

26. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Jeanne Mari Vejen Bang
In vivo mapping of SRSF6 motifs using CLIP coupled with next generation sequencing 

26. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Pernille Lauritzen
Examining phosphorylation-dependent internalization and trafficking of the insulin receptor 

23. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Pernille Lauridsen
Detection of RNA-methyltransferases across evolutionary-distinct domains 

23. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Matias Adonis Jul Gram Ryding
Structural differentiation and functional capacity of dopaminergic neurons derived from two isogenic induced pluripotent stem cell lines, one with a mutation in PARK2 

22. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Simon Tilgreen Mortensen
Identification of novel pseudo exons

22. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Claes Søndergaard Wassmann
Characterization of Cannabidiol as a Helper Compound Against Resistant Bacteria  

22. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Ozhen Aras Kader
Investigations of small regulatory RNAs involved in antibiotic resistance in MRSA  

20. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Vesna Sarwari
Mechanism of Transition form NO to H2O2 in Endothelium-Dependent Reactivity of Human Resistance Arteries

20. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Tascha Kirstine Buus Riise
Investigations of lipolysis-induced transcriptional programs in thermogenic adipocytes 

20. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Amir Ameri
The role of chromatin remodelers and PBX1 in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation  

20. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Elvira Laila van Hauwaert
The roles of the TEAD family of transcription factors and their co-activator YAP1 in transcriptional networks regulating mesenchymal stem cell differentiation 

20. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Mikkel Niemann Thomassen
Regulating the main autolysin LytA of Streptococcus pneumoniae

19. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Selina Kruuse Hansen
Direct Observation of Sterol Transport by Niemann Pick Type C Proteins in Human Fibroblast and Rat Hepatoma Cells

19. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen -  Catarina Mendes Correia
Identification of transcriptional enhancers regulated by insulin signalling in mouse liver tissue

16. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Michelle Falk 
Insulin-induced signaling in arterial tissue and vascular insulin resistance  

16. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Duelund Kaas Christensen
Proteomic analysis of ubiquitin-like protein modifications   

15. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Jacob Holck Pedersen
Characterization of Pneumolysins Release by Streptococcus pneumoniae  

15. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Simone Valentin Hansen
Functional characterization of testis proteins in cancer 

15. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Anne Kirstine Mariboe Rasmussen
Glial response to innate induction of Type 1 Interferons in the Central Nervous System  

14. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Anita Winther
The Role of MFAP4 in Integrin-mediated Neutrophil Granulocyte Chemotaxis

13. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Josephine Baunvig Aagaard
Identification of Characterization of Serum Factors that inhibit the Binding between Collectin LK and its Ligands   

7. juni 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Kevin Knarhøj Pakula
Morphological Changes in Streptococcus pneumoniae – Identification of a Two-Component System  

24. marts 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Erica-Mireille Kabagema
Søgning efter Calreticulin protein komplekser i ER  

24. februar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Jeff Poul Møller
Characterization of activation and deposition of factor XII on Medical devices

9. februar 2017 - Kvalificerende eksamen - Vibeke Hedeholm Kongstad Kruse
Function of epidermal permeability barrier in whole body physiology   

6. februar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Sissel Ida Schmidt
Comparative analysis of dopaminergic neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells with PARK2-mutations versus healthy controls 

3. februar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Stephanie Kavan
Sequencing based methylation profiling of non-BRCA1/2 hereditary breast cancer: identification of tumor subtypes 

1. februar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Cecilie Antoinette Asferg
Survival mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus during vascular dissemination 

31. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Karen Freund Flyvbjerg
Pseudoexons in the human transcriptome  

30. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Vian Wais
The role of CNS-endogenous NOD2 and TLR9 in MS-like disease in mice

30. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Minna Christiansen Lund
The influence of TNF ablation in mesodermally derived cells on mice with spinal cord injury

27. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Alexander Gulliver Bjørnholt Grønning
Convolutional LSTM Network for analysis of iCLIP data

27. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Sowmya Ramachandran
Chemo-resistance in Glioblastoma

25. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Ida Appel
Localization and Regulation of Mineral Transport Proteins in Mice and Humans

25. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Tryggedsson
RNA modifications in Clostridium: where and what kind and is there a relation to antibiotic resistance?

24. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Anders Østergaard Søberg
Identification of AQP2 co-localized proteins    

20. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Mikkel Bloss Carstensen
Circadian physiology of the murine cerebellum: Molecular, histological and telemetric analyses of cerebellar granule cell-specific Arntl-deficient mice

19. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Michael Carsten Bernard
Quantitation of Heparin-binding Plasma Proteins by Targeted Mass Spectrometry

19. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Gracja Patrycja Kowalska
Role of the endothelium in vasomotor effect of insulin in resistance arteries from patients with cardiovascular diseases

19. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Thea Christensen
Molecular basis of cardiac arrhythmia – getting closer to the patient’s phenotype

16. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Sigmundur Thorsteinsson
The dynamics of intracellular water and its effect on the oscillating metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and mutant strains 

16. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Fidan Bayar
Methylation patterns of circulating tumor DNA for early detection of breast cancer

16. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Annemette Koefoed Pedersen
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) in Health and Disease

16. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Eva Kornerup Thygesen
The contribution of miR-146a to microglia function

13. januar 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Ida Wilno
Identifikation af antibiotikaresistente gener i naturen 



20. december 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Sai Sindhu Thangaraj
The Dual Role of C1-esterase Inhibitor in Coagulation and Inflammation   

29. november 2016 - Kvalificerede eksamen - Sten Vissing Fahnøe Hansen
Unraveling Ubiquitination Dependent Signaling in Human Health and Diseases  

15. november 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Kia A. V. Wegeland
Phenotypic characterization of CT antigen tumor subpopulations in breast cancer and melanoma  

14. november 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Sohrab Ayoubi
Investigating the effect of key vascular genes on the differentiation potential of human iPSCs into VSMCs using CRISPRi mediated knockdown    

28. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Kimmie Bjerre Christensen
Immunological characterization of transgenic mice overexpressing FIBCD1 in the gastrointestinal tract

 18. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Mai Bay Stie
Encapsulation of p53 in chitosan nanoparticles for delivery to skin cancer cells

17. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Nichlas Littau Lilja
Expression of recombinant collectin-LK in mammalian cells   

12. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Roser M. Rosell
Nanoparticle delivery of RNAi for the treatment of neuroinflammation in Parkinson’s Disease 

11. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Kirstine Nolling Jensen
The Role of Microglia in Neuroinflammation

11. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Rikke Ydegaard
Significance of ENaC in the vascular endothelium for NO synthesis and blood pressure  

7. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Claus Asger Lykkebo
Streptomycin resistance is conferred by loss of modification in the Escherichia coli 30S ribosomal subunit 

4. oktober 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Katrine Møllemand
Evaluation of Aptamer-based Nucleic Acid Delivery  

30. september 2016  - Kandidateksamen - Hannah Liska Limburg
Studies on the protease specificity of H1N1 and H3N2 influenza viruses in human and murine airway epithelial cells  

28. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Christian Holmegaard Nielsen
Roles of sphingolipids in metabolism and signaling; quantification and visualization of sphingolipids in eukaryotic cells  

27. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Henrik Muerköster
Identifications of novel regulators of ageing in metazoans 

27. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Andrea Asenjo Martinez
Differences of myelination of Huntington’s hESCs in congenital hypomyelination mouse model  

27. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Kathrine Brændgaard Dall
Linking the role of HLH-30 in starvation and reproduction through lipid metabolism and longevity in metazoans 

20. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Henriette Pedersen
Characterization of a novel tumor suppressor 

20. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Zita Gál
Evaluation of chemically modified miRNA inhibitors for breast cancer targeting   

9. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Andreas Kjær
Electron cryo-tomographic study of bacterial ultrastructure    

6. september 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Panagiotis Antoniadis
Riboregulation of S. aureus mRNAs involved in drug resistance or virulence by sRNAs    

31. august 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Ditte Frimand Hammerich
Role of oxygen tension on intrinsic dopaminergic neurons in striatal brain slice cultures  

29. august 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Andreas Wrona Jørgensen
Investigating cellular mechanisms associated with aging of bone 

26. august 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Sabrina Prehn Lauritzen
Maternal taurine availability changes offspring response to a high fat diet  

19. august 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Patrick Rosendahl Andreassen
Identification and Characterization of Virulence Traits of Streptococcus Pneumoniae 

12. august 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Thomas Lund Koch
Potential functions of the schizophrenia susceptibility gene ZNF804A   

30. juni 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Christian Ulrik Nielsson
ER stress mediated beta-cell failure due to an insulin mutation in an iPSC model

29. juni 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Andrea Skelsgaard
The impact of CASZ1 on rosiglitazone induced browning of human adipocytes 

 23. juni 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Catarina Gomes Seidi
Effect of microRNA-138 in the transition of human myoblasts from proliferation to differentiation  

31. maj 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Odd Lilleng Gammelgaard
Evaluation of the Anti-Cancer Activity of a Panel of Novel Anti-CD73 Chimeric Antibody Constructs 

30. maj 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Elsa Olsen
Correction of Aberrant Splicing – By Antisense Oligonucleotides and U1 Constructs 

25. maj 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Mary Joy Rovillos
Effect of Silver nanoparticle-Protein corona on the toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans 

20. maj 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Alkaterini Britzolaki
Investigating the role of the Histone-like Nucleoid- Structuring (H-NS) protein in Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

13. maj 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Haleema Naz Khan
Phospho-ERK as a biomarker and a drug target for L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia 

8. april 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Karen Kristjánsdóttir
Aberrant splicing of KRAS exon 2 in disease   

1. april 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Rasmus Green Terp
T-type voltage-gated calcium channels and endothelial dysfunction

9. marts 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Anna Stavnsager Andersen
Characterization of primary progressive multiple sclerose and scientific challenge – and how the knowledge is handed over to people without an academic background 

4. marts 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Carsten Mamsen Jessen
Identification of neonatal meningitis-associated Escherichia coli virulence genes through genetic screening

3. februar 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Aleksandra Jasmin Amaladass
Glucose/glucogen metabolism in C3A, the immortal human hepatoma cell line, cultured ad 3D spheroids in a clinostat 

13. januar 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Samuel Joseph Daniels
Modulation of the calcitonin and amylin receptors in cartilage with relation to osteoarthritis 

8. januar 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Mette Fischer
Exploring synergistic effects of temozolomide treatment in combination with small-molecule inhibitor of pro-survival protein kinases in human brain cancer cells 

5. januar 2016 - Kandidateksamen - Malene Bredahl Hansen
Oncogenic Activation of Lysosome-Mediated Invasion 



7. december 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Emeaga Muhunthan
Identification and characterization of mechanisms of acquired resistance to Erlotinib in lung cancer

7. december 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Katrine Nørgaard
The mechanistic role of S100A14 – a novel independent prognostic biomarker of the triple-negative breast cancer subtype

18. november 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Pia Lørup Jepsen
In vivo studies of the pathological mechanism in the muscle dystrophic condition LGMD2B by using the dysferlin knock out mouse model 129-Dysftm1Kcam/J

12. november 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Kristine Meistrup
Exploring the mechanism of action of small RNAs in Listeria monocytogenes

6. november 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Lambert Nielsen
The effect of long chain unsaturated fatty acids on the virulence regulator PrfA in Listeria monocytogenes

23. oktober 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Aaraby Yoheswaran Nielsen
Application of Pooled shRNA Libraries for Identification of Mediators of TGF-β Signaling in Melanoma Cells

1. oktober 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Henning Petersen
The effects of combining xenobiotics on the efflux pump activity in eggs from large pondsnail Lymnaea stagnalis

28. september 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Nadine Heidi Brückmann
Identification of senescence mediators using shRNA library screening

11. september 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Ann Christina Bergmann
Calreticulin Immunoproteomics 

4. september 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Frederik Kobæk Eg Larsen
Protein structure determination by dynamic light scattering: Structure of calreticulin

3. september 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Martin Rønn Madsen
A Role of the Glucocorticoid Receptor and Mineralocorticoid Receptor in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation 

26. august 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Ha Uyen Buu Huynh
The function of Macrophage migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) in the brain

18. august 2015 - Kvalificerende eksamen - Sabrina Brøner
mRNA splicing regulation by SR proteins

3. juli 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Johannes Havelund
Posttranscriptional regulation of Escherichia coli biofilm formation through CsrA and small RNAs

25. juni 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Nadia Maria Davidsen
Identification of bacterial surface determinants required for invasion of the blood brain barrier in Escherichia coli Neonatal Meningitis

24. juni 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Maria Ormhøj
The role of Microfibrillar-associated protein 4 in endothelium dependent vasodilatation

16. juni 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Leena Karimi
Evaluation of fatty acid metabolism as target for breast cancer therapeutics

12. juni 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Svenja Leoring
The role of MIF in nervous system development

8. juni 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Miriam Mohamed
Targeting the inhibition of Dlk1/FA1 using different strategies as a potential treatment for osteoporosis

8. juni 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Amanda Cecilie Müller
The effect of the interaction between HLA-C and KIR for microchimerism

21. maj 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Daniel Biltoft
Development of new global assays for determination of contact induced thrombin, kalikrein and plasmin generation in human plasma

20. maj 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Morad Kamand
Effect of carbon monoxide-releasing molecules on dopaminergic differentiation of human neural stem cells: A mechanistic study

13. maj 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Klaus N. Christiansen
Development of a lipid database and calculator for analysis of lipodomic MS, MS2 and MS3 data

11. maj 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Helle Gotfred-Rasmussen
FIBCD1 in mouse models of Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Characterization of T cell subsets

5. maj 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Michal Beker
Horizontally Transferred Mobile Genetic Elements Conferring Antibiotic Resistance in Pasteurellaceae

24. april 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Lennart Bjerre Nielsen
Investigation of disulfide bridge coordination in the cysteinerich protein FSH using an electrochemical reduction cell coupled to mass spectrometry

9. april 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Ditte Maria Braun Olsen
Identification and characterization of new yeast strains for beer Brewing

7. april 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Thyssen
Investigating redox signaling and oxidative stress during myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury

27. marts 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Anne Louise Hemdrup
Investigating of Novel Diagnostic Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease

26. marts 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Kristina Magaard Koldby
Copy number variations in ageing Danish twins

26. marts 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Mia Ingemann Nielsen
Establishing CRISPR/CAS 9 method and study the role of PTC/PTR proteins in endocytosis in C. elegans

13. marts 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Grith M. M. Hermansen
The importance of protein glycosylation for chronic infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis

6. marts 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Julie Mundus Nielsen
Characterization of 5´-cap structures in snRNA in Tetrahymema thermophila

27. februar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Kristina Lyngsø
Aldosterone mediated regulation of vascular function and blood pressure by activation of mast cells

26. februar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Iñaki Etxeberria Uriz
Aberrant splicing of RAS exon 2 in disease

20. februar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Cansu Karabiyik
Study of the Rho GTPase Rac 1 in the pathological mechanism of brain ischemia

19. februar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Bruno Palhais
Pseudoexon activation as a disease mechanism

18. februar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Vanessa Oché
Mechanisms behind the failure to express HLA-B in stem cells & cancer cells: The role of Beta-2-microglobulin

30. januar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Kasper Axø Gerdes
Analysis of drug resistance, cleavage specificity and affinity of HIV-1 protease

15. januar 2015 - Kvalificerende eksamen - Emilie Kristine Bagge
Subtype Selectivity of PPARs in Brown Adipocytes

13. januar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Azra Pizovic
Regulation of pathogenic effector T cells in demyelinating disease

9. januar 2015 - Kandidateksamen - Kenneth Holst Seistrup
RNA Methyltransferases in Ignicoccus hospitalis & Nanoarchaeum equitans