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Horizon Europe application template: Impact

When: May 19th at 14:15 -15:30

What: The webinar will address the rationale for the new approach to impact and what this means for the applicant. The webinar will outline and discuss all subsections of the new template for impact, and provide examples and inspiration on how to write a convincing part B on impact. There will also be opportunity for questions.

Why You Should Participate?
How do you convince evaluators that your project can deliver the outcomes and impacts that the EC expects? By participating you will gain insight into the impact part of the new template. We will go into detail on each new element introduced in the template, and give examples and advice on how to interpret and deal with them when you are writing your own proposal.

Who: This webinar can be attended by people who has formerly worked with the Horizon Programme as well as people who have never worked with European research and innovation. You can e.g. be a researcher, research adviser, EU-advisor or work with Horizon Europe in other contexts.

Where: Online

How: Sign up here

Presenter: EuroCenter in the Danish Agency for Higher Science and Education with participation from the European Commission.

Note that this webinar is a part of a series of webinars about the Horizon Europe application template. Please, also see the other two events by UFM on Horizon Europe application template: Excellence and Horizon Europe application template: Implementation.

Sidst opdateret: 25.06.2021